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  1. jumpinjan

    Tigre G-IV-B Aircraft Engines FOR SALE

    Tigre Engines - I have 2 and 1/2 Elizalde engines, these are the “Tigre G-IV-B” inverted inline 4 cylinder. These were used on the Casa 1.131/ BU 131, which is also known as the Jungman and the Dornier DO25 aircraft. The engines would need to be gone through. They are not complete but should be...
  2. jumpinjan

    Ranger 6-440-C2 engines (2ea) and prop hub

    Ranger Engines - I have 2 each, Ranger 6-440-C2 engines. One Ranger includes the mags & carb. Both engines are mounted in custom-fabricated, engine stands or dollies. One dolly can rotate the engine 180 degrees just like the factory one. These engines also need to be gone through. No logs for...
  3. jumpinjan

    Sad News - Bud Warren down

    Bud Warren owner of Geared Drives PSRU's and his daughter were killed Saturday when taking off from the airport in Conroe, TX on there way to an air show in Temple, TX. I spoke to Bud many times at Oshkosh about the gear drives that he builds. Geared Drives Home Page Just unbelievable to me...
  4. jumpinjan

    Airfoil comparison ISA571 & NACA4408

    I'm looking for airfoil for my WWI replica design, and I want it mostly flat bottom, about 8% and no bad stall characteristics. I found the I.S.A. 571 and it looks pretty good....maybe too good to believe. Please compare the ISA571 & naca 4408. Airfoil Investigation Database - Showing...
  5. jumpinjan

    Can fabric wings change undercamber?

    I heard that one advantage of eliminating some bottom wing ribs (in a new design, 600lb aircraft using a "flat" bottom airfoil) is that the fabric will swell inward, or billow into an airfoil with more undercamber and the benefit is more lift (same drag) at high AOA, like for takeoff & landing...
  6. jumpinjan

    Mikael Carlson flies the Fokker Dr.1

    Wow, who said the Fokker Triplane was slow? Mikael Carlson, from Sweden
  7. jumpinjan

    What prop hub extension is this?

    Anyone recongnize this prop hub extension? Dimentions are: 5" length Small end is 3 3/16" dia Big end is 6.0" dia Hole dia is 1 1/2"dia Prop centering boss is 2 1/4" Jan
  8. jumpinjan

    Suzuki Verona Engine (I6, 2.5L)

    I looking for infomation on the Verona I6 2.5L engine, either photos of the sides of the engine or work shop manuals, and/or engineering drawings, etc., where I can get an understanding of what this engine looks like? I would eventually like to find a complete engine to work on. I have seen a...
  9. jumpinjan

    How would you like to fly with those?

    Gina Lynn Hang Gliding --Video removed---
  10. jumpinjan

    Airdrome Aeroplanes new DH-2, WWI replica

    Wing span 22'-7" Length 20'-2" Wt is 343 Height is 7' 6" Powered by: Valley Egr, Twin 40hp and a second one: Jan
  11. jumpinjan

    WWI SE5 built from "Replica Plans"

    Does "Replica Plans" (company name) still exist and sell the SE5 drawing package? They are very, very nice flying replicas. I think they were located in Canada.
  12. jumpinjan

    COSMOSXpress FEA tool

    I haven't seen any Finite Element Analysis tools mentioned here. I have SolidWorks (w/COSMOS FEA) and I wanted to compare notes (aircraft structure design) with someone that is using it. Jan
  13. jumpinjan

    Peter Jackson's new WWI web site

    You people know the person that made Lord-of-the-Rings movies? Well, he is a big WWI enthusiast and is making WWI his hobby in a very big way. (Making rotary engines; Making 1,000 cu-in, Mercedes engine and a making a Jasta of Albatros fighters. Check...
  14. jumpinjan

    What to lube a vintage motor with to store?

    Whats the best thing to lube a vintage motor with for long term storage? I was thinking about using Vaseline on the crankshaft & other sleeve bearings, so it will not run off. I want to prevent corrosion. Would a pure mineral oil work and not evaporate away? I want to pickle some Ranger engines...
  15. jumpinjan

    Mild steel tubing recommendations

    Have anyone tried to find a source of mild steel tubing (w/thin wall) to use in mock-up projects instead of using up expensive 4130? It seems what is available is either called mechanical or hydraulic tubing (the process difference between the two is normalizing). the tubing is SAE 1010 (10%...
  16. jumpinjan

    aircraft performance & Design Nomogram analysis

    Have anyone of you builders/designers performed an aircraft performance & Design Nomogram analysis (as outlined in Donald Crawford's book A Practial Guide To Aircraft Performance & Design)?
  17. jumpinjan

    Corvair engine for sale

    I have a complete engine it's located in Dayton Ohio. SOLD
  18. jumpinjan

    Advice on wing material...Wood vs Aluminum?

    I'm starting a new WWI replica project on paper first, and I decided to go with a welded steel tube fuselage and aluminum wing structure and not a wooden wing structures (the original was a Fokker with all wood & large wooden box spars). I was talking to a experiencd friend to get his comments...
  19. jumpinjan

    Junkyard Mega-Wars

    I have watched this show on building a flying airplane in 20hours and I always enjoyed watching it. I was curious, but was there ever a homebuild design that one could build & fly in 20 hours or lets just say a week? Jan