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    Propeller Centerline of Thrust

    In many homebuilt aircraft, engine choices can be quite varied, including those with reduction gears and those that are direct drive. Aside from changes in mounts and cowling, from an aerodynamic point of view, how critical is propeller installation to the aircraft longitudinal waterline? I...
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    Determination of Vne & How to Increase It

    I have searched through the forums and haven't seen this question raised yet. Hopefully, some insight is out there that can clear a few things up for me. I am looking to build a single seat kit aircraft. This same aircraft model is also being put through the certification process for LSA in the...
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    New Member in New Mexico

    Hello to All. I am new here and look forward to learn from your experiences as well as share mine as I work my way towards final selections, purchase and build of my own aircraft. Cheers, Joe