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  1. Johnny luvs Biplanes

    Floats web link

    Just got this link from a fellow FLitzer builder on wooden floats, looked interesting: MUK TUK John
  2. Johnny luvs Biplanes

    Scarfing Angles

    Hi all, I need to know how to convert a scarf ratio i.e 16:1 into degrees (slope) so I can construct a scarf tool. Does everyone use a standard figure for the scarf ratio inrrespective of material type and size? Cheers John :think:
  3. Johnny luvs Biplanes

    ANC-18 Needed

    Anyone got a link or on file, ANC-18 (Wood). Cheers John
  4. Johnny luvs Biplanes

    Plotting Aerofoils for Ribs

    Anyone wanna talk me through plotting out aerofoil ordinates accurately for drawing out your rib outline prior to construction? Hope you can help, John
  5. Johnny luvs Biplanes

    Old Instruments wanted

    Hi all, I'm looking for some vintage style insruments for my future Flitzer biplane project. Looking for ASI, Altimeter, Oil Pressure, CHT and Possibly EGT or a combined CHT/EGT, lastly a Tachometer that will read 3300 roughly. I do have a Tiger Moth style compass but am looking for an old in...
  6. Johnny luvs Biplanes

    Vitreous (Porcelain) Enamel

    Hi all, Has anyone experience with parts being enamelled in this way, specifically would it retain heat in parts so coated? I'm thinking cylinder barrels in cast iron mainly. Cheers John :)
  7. Johnny luvs Biplanes

    You're gonna wanna build this

    Enjoy this little plans built beauty, wood rules, biplanes rule! Flitzer Z21A Roundtail (the picture is a fake). Gonna build me one like it :knock: John
  8. Johnny luvs Biplanes

    Plating Steel

    Hi all, this is sort of a finishing technique so here goes: What plating proccesses can be used on engine studs (into alluminium) for protection/beautifying? Also what plating can be done to 4130 steel for the above reasons? Can you paint over plated parts safely and successfully? I am...
  9. Johnny luvs Biplanes

    Planing Technique

    Hi all, how do I go about planing a length of wood (or sanding for that matter) without running the end down lower than the rest of it? I tried this today while doing some work for the wife :( and every time one end was planed lower. Cheers, John :confused:
  10. Johnny luvs Biplanes

    Battery Charging Methods

    Hi all, I want my projct to have a handprop system and no magneto. Therefore it needs a source to charge a battery to run the distributor for sparks! The options for this are: 1. Do nothing but charge the battery using shop power when hangered. 2. Fit an engine driven alternator setup...
  11. Johnny luvs Biplanes

    Unprotected Ceconite

    Hi all, no not sex! Has anyone experience of using unprotected (aginst uv) Ceconite on an aeroplane. Reason is a few people on my Flitzer builder group want to use Lozenge Ceconite which is not UV coated. Can it be without harming the pattern or causing it to bloom etc, I believe the lifespan...
  12. Johnny luvs Biplanes

    G1 Epoxy

    Hi all, has anyone come across or used IFC G1 epoxy adhesive, it's made in Canada for wood aircraft etc? John :)
  13. Johnny luvs Biplanes

    Working Radius Around Equipment

    Hi all, can anyone tell me the suggested MINIMUM working radius around shop equipment i.e. if I want to work on a length of wood on these machines: bandsaw, disc sander, drill press, how close can the machines be? Can I mount them to a 3ft sq mobile bench as suggested in the Bingelis books and...
  14. Johnny luvs Biplanes

    VW cam identification

    Can anyone tell me how to identify a cam through it's VW part number on the cam itself? Cheers John :confused:
  15. Johnny luvs Biplanes

    PC flyin

    Anyone without programming knowlege been using flight sims for flying your own areoplane type on the pc :ponder:
  16. Johnny luvs Biplanes

    Not quite an auto engine

    Hi all, I have a question relating to using motorcycle engines (not auto). Has anyone seen or heard of a conversion using either the Honda Pan European V4 or the Honda Goldwing flat 6 or early flat 4 engines? They would both make ideal aeroplane engine conversions I think, particularly the 6 as...
  17. Johnny luvs Biplanes


    Has anyone got a GOOD technique for scarfing 1/8 plywood sheet, there seems to be quite a few ideas on it? :confused:
  18. Johnny luvs Biplanes

    How you doin'

    Hi Jake, you've been busy lately, hows the studying coming on for Flight School? John :roll:
  19. Johnny luvs Biplanes

    Small Continental Engines

    Hi all, can anyone put me in touch with online information or perhaps a book containing specifications/dimensions etc of 65hp to 100hp Continentals. I'm also interested in modifications such as bigger cylinders/cranks, remote oil sumps etc. Any help would be great :roll: John.
  20. Johnny luvs Biplanes

    Cool Site

    Hi all, I found this cool site for Floram, check out the Technology on these babies: Stemme The retracting prop is superb! John :cool: