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  1. meglin1

    Wind Turbine blades

    I am now sending to France these blades for a home windmill. The diameter is about 2 m (79"). Very light - about 700 g (1.54 lb). Easy to install on a flat flange. Maybe someone else needs it?
  2. meglin1

    The aircraft "Dbay" (Take care) from Ukraine

    Dream come true About the creation The dream to build an airplane I lit up in 1982, after serving in the army. I wanted to make myself a little miracle. At that time, there were no plans for the purpose and specialization of the aircraft. I just decided to build a flying machine and maybe...
  3. meglin1

    A new aircraft in the category FAR-103 - Junior

    A new aircraft in the category FAR-103 - Junior. Geometric characteristics: - aircraft length - 4.2 m - wing span - 8.7 m - area - 8.1 m2 Airplane weight: - maximum take-off - 220 kg - empty - 105 kg - fuel weight - 10 kg Flight characteristics: - stall speed - 55 km / h - safe speed of a...
  4. meglin1

    Selling carbon propeller for Jabiru

    Selling 2-blade saber-like carbon propeller for Jabiru with a diameter of 1620 mm (63.7 ") - 720$.
  5. meglin1


    I want to buy FALCON ELECTRICAL 14V ATTITUDE GYRO Maybe defective. The cheapest. Up to 4 pcs.
  6. meglin1

    Selling spring landing gear

    Selling spring landing gear The material - fiberglass. Spring weight - 10-11 kg. Aircraft weight - 450-550 kg. Price - $565.
  7. meglin1

    Hello everybody!

    Hello everybody! I'm from Ukraine. More than 20 years I have been here this plane: Now I'm doing well propellers:
  8. meglin1

    Wheel fairings

    Wheel fairings $60-100
  9. meglin1

    Selling seats fiberglass sandwich

    Selling seats fiberglass sandwich. Weight - 1.9 kg.
  10. meglin1

    Selling wooden propeller

    Selling wooden propeller for Jabiru 2200. Material - beech. Protection of blades - fiberglass and stainless steel. The price - 250 euros. Condition - new.
  11. meglin1

    Selling 3-bladed carbon fiber propeller

    Selling 3-bladed carbon fiber propeller. The diameter of 1750 mm (69 "). Price $ 645. Spinner $ 115 fiberglass and carbon fiber spinner of $ 205. Everything is new.