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  1. jedi

    The 'daydreamers' your craziest designs and concepts here

    Can you keep the foam from inflating the wing like a big balloon? Might need a mold to keep the wing profile against the expanding foam. Comments? I am picturing the science experiments where the foam rises out of the cup with a considerable overflow. Powerfin props have a core under carbon...
  2. jedi

    Crashes in the News - Thread

    Edit: I did watch the video but posted this before the post above was available. I think we agree that the passenger messed up but the crew is responsible for qualifying the passenger. This discussion seems to be about whether a qualified person did the wrong thing or was the person not...
  3. jedi

    Airplane For Sale Hummel Ultracruiser

    Sky King; Thanks for the update. Now, for the record, can you tell us the real empty weight? Do you have a suggestion for how the new owner should approach the FAA? Does he appear to know what he bought or did he buy a pig in a poke? If he is a Glasair owner he should be informed so I will...
  4. jedi

    Crashes in the News - Thread

    Don't be so quick to blame the passenger. He/she likely did the job as assigned but ran into a ADM issue for which he was poorly trained. As pointed out in the video the crew needs to be informed and this is an issue in more than just this one airline. Expect to see changes next time you fly on...
  5. jedi

    Anti-ice for experimental.

    So to further clarify or confuse the issue. Do the regulations allow VFR or IFR flight into known or forcast icing conditions for GA and experimental aircraft as long as they do not come under the transport or large aircraft limitations? If prohibited post the reference please. I am to lazy...
  6. jedi

    Seawind 3000 Safety issues

    Why not just lift one (Seawind) off the bottom of Lake Michigan which is what started this whole discussion in the first place. Then you can build an electric non-roadable VTOL just like everyone else is doing? If the goal is to make money in aviation I have a hot stock tip for you. Bye JOBY...
  7. jedi

    Ducted Fan Pseudo-Jets

    Good explanation. Duct inlet design is a big deal with Boeing and others for good reasons. There are many ways to mess it up. I worked with Sid Welling, the designer of the fish mouth inlet on the early high bypass 737s. It was a big project and very successful. With a body of revolution (round...
  8. jedi

    Patterns getting more dangerous?

    Too many of today's pilots think if they talk on the radio they are "good to go", what ever that means. I suppose it is something like I told you where I am now get out of my way I am busy flying and do not have the time to look for traffic that does not respond. If the field is "uncontrolled"...
  9. jedi

    Operate from 450 feet of grass?

    A 150 foot strip of soy beans planted along side the runway is very effective as an alternate breaking device for a few summer months. It is highly recommended. A ramp for the first and last 150 feet is also very effective even if only a 50 foot rise but it is much more difficult (expensive)...
  10. jedi

    Cory Bird's Symmetry details

    I would expect the fuel vent to be in the longer than normal wheel pant trailing edge much like a trailing cone static vent. No need to have the vent face forward if done right. As for the fuel siphon issue if the vent is in the filler tube it can not siphon much fuel only what is in the...
  11. jedi

    Operate from 450 feet of grass?

    I am sure I will get flack from this but with my limited experience I think the Zenith is given too much credit for it's short field performance abilities. Perhaps it is also given to much credit for it's lack of good looks so all things tend to balance out in the end. As for a post #59...
  12. jedi

    Operate from 450 feet of grass?

    "lift 350 lbs from the described runway" That includes fuel - Right? I think you want a Wright style catapult for takeoff and arresting system for landing if you are considering regular operations. If you could get airborne in 100 feet with good speed you would have a reasonable shot at the...
  13. jedi

    Pulsar Aircraft Assets For Sale

    The ODG link does not work for me. An error occurred during a connection to Peer’s Certificate has been revoked. Error code: SEC_ERROR_REVOKED_CERTIFICATE The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because the authenticity of the received data could not be...
  14. jedi

    Anti-ice for experimental.

    I played with a similar system using aluminum tape in the 50’s. Yours is much more advanced and uses much higher voltage.
  15. jedi

    Anti-ice for experimental.

    BJC et. al. Yea, but at least we’re not stupid. You left George and Tennessee and I left Michigan. Can’t say that for many folks here. Problem is I am still stuck here in WA with students and homework while my wife is in AZ with grandkids where they have the best weather in the US from now...
  16. jedi

    Anti-ice for experimental.

    OK, but then let’s give the real answer. We are both old farts! :):pilot: It is nice to be able to remember the good old days! Ask me how I know!
  17. jedi

    Anti-ice for experimental.

    The best anti ice for the typical EAB is a big round leading edge radius. The smaller the radius the quicker it will pick up ice. If you have a laminar flow wing, as in a Cirrus, you do not want any ice.
  18. jedi

    Anti-ice for experimental.

    Assendree, Check your personal messages. The above post #15 about your experience explains a lot. You need some good flight related discussion. My worst ice incounter was in a Cherokee 140 in CAVU conditions. I had maybe 800 pounds of ice when I landed. I have been in similar conditions in...
  19. jedi

    Anti-ice for experimental.

    How does a Floridian know this? It is a rhetorical question.
  20. jedi

    The concept of a flying car will eventually succeed

    That’s the idea. Now if it had wings, for when the engine quits, If it could go somewhere it would be useful.