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  1. bmcj

    Historical landmark being torn down

    Sounds like a cause for the alphabet groups (EAA, AOPA, etc) to take up to buy and refurb as a memorial/museum of sorts. Or put a bug in Elon Musk’s ear… he’s sort of become the Orville and Wilbur of space flight.
  2. bmcj

    A little family history

    Hi all, I posted this on my Facebook page, but I thought some here might find this serendipitous discovery interesting: I get the Aviator’s Bulletin magazine each month, but I didn’t get a chance to look at this October’s issue until just the other day. I was admiring the cover photo when I...
  3. bmcj

    Forget George; let Fido fly it

    Did George get a new dog? Astro could have flown without visual prompts, but apparently not Fido. Who is this Fido dog and what happened to Astro?
  4. bmcj

    Most Beautiful Aircraft Ever Built

    Registration shows it as a Tetra 15 built by Bradley Hill.
  5. bmcj

    Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate it

  6. bmcj

    Crashes in the News - Thread

    I just saw this on one of my local news station feeds, but don’t know any details. One injured after plane crash in Frazier Park
  7. bmcj

    kitfox vs highlander

    Ron W is pretty good with FAA records… perhaps he can ferret out an estimate for you.
  8. bmcj

    The concept of a flying car will eventually succeed

    Must have missed class the day they taught Aeronautical Decision Making.
  9. bmcj

    Most Beautiful Aircraft Ever Built

    With a nose like that, it had to be British.
  10. bmcj

    Most Beautiful Aircraft Ever Built

    That’s like like saying since there are domestic housewives, there must also be feral housewives too.
  11. bmcj

    Rolls Royce Sets Electric Records

    RR and Celera… I won’t take anything away from either of the projects. RR is more of a single point design to prove and promote the propulsion system, whereas Celera is a commercial development. Sure, Otto has published some projections, but he has remained mostly silent while quietly testing...
  12. bmcj

    Re Engined B-52

    Just let these guys do the re-engine design:
  13. bmcj

    Yet Another Airborne Camper

    Stop groaning… you knew someone was eventually going to post this!
  14. bmcj

    The concept of a flying car will eventually succeed

    Real flying car: The only way to drive a VTOL ‘flying car’. .
  15. bmcj

    In consideration of right seaters

    My solution to making the right seater feel more comfortable and in tune with what’s going on is to hand the controls to them as soon as the engine quits.
  16. bmcj

    Tell us what you are building!

    I’m building debt… does that count?
  17. bmcj

    The concept of a flying car will eventually succeed

    Isn’t there a federal vehicle standard? It seems that as long as a vehicle (plane, golf cart, etc) meets the federal code and definition, it should be drivable in all 50 states.
  18. bmcj

    What is wrong with high thrust line???

    Keep in mind that the vertical displacement of the tail relative to the thrust line (where the thrust flows across the horizontal stab) might compensate (counter) or exaggerate thrust line issues.
  19. bmcj

    The concept of a flying car will eventually succeed

    VTOL’a are not flying cars, but that term gets thrown around far too often. I think we should start using the term “drivable airplane”.