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  1. Captain_John

    Static port requirements and criteria questions

    Hey All, I am getting ready to install my static ports and the plans call for a pulled rivet through the skin, punch out the mandrel and install a plastic tube onto the shop head of the rivet. That is a bit ghetto fab for me, so I obtained two 8/32 panhead stainless screws that have been...
  2. Captain_John

    My project update (picture!)

    Hey all, I have made some good, steady progress and have recently passed a milemarker. When you build an RV, you start off with the tail and wings, then you build the fuse upside down on stands. When it is all riveted together you flip it (the canoe) right side up. I just did that this past...
  3. Captain_John

    Group buy on ICOM A-210 radios

    I am doing this group buy for the RV builders. Anyone can participate. If interested, click here: It's a really good deal! :) CJ
  4. Captain_John

    These guys are WHACKED! (Video)

    You just gotta see this and tell me what ya think... :roll: CJ
  5. Captain_John

    PCU 5000X Prop Guv Group Buy

    Hey All, I am working on a group buy on these fine governors. I started this thread so you can reply to the deal, my inbox doesn't fill up while I am away for the next 3 days AND to inform EVERYONE of the deal! It will be listed on 2 forums and the savings are substantial. This is just a...
  6. Captain_John


    Tomorrow I am going over to a friend's house and am going to try his iceboat out. The weather is perfect and it is primarily a learning experience. I think that after the plane is done, I may just make a FAST 2 person iceboat. My goal is 80 mph. I was thinking one with an ultralight engine and...
  7. Captain_John

    HUGE interest!

    Hey All! This is GREAT! The numer of new posts and overall board useage is WAY UP! Jake, way to go with the upgrade! It seems that it is well recieved and people are participating at an even greater level! TREMENDOUS! :) CJ
  8. Captain_John

    This kills me!

    Airspeed indicator on ebay: Click here It says "No Damage" in the ad. ...but it indicates 68 JUST SITTING THERE! Ummmmm, I think it might be broken guys! :D CJ
  9. Captain_John

    We got BIG PRESS!!!

    Hey All! I was reading Smithsonian's Air & Space magazine's December 2006 issue when I happened across page 43 where it mentions THIS WEBSITE!!! Jake, YOU ARE FAMOUS!!! Did you know that? :ban: CJ
  10. Captain_John

    We got BIG PRESS!!!

    Hey All! I was reading Smithsonian's Air & Space magazine's December 2006 issue when I happened across page 43 where it mentions THIS WEBSITE!!! Jake, YOU ARE FAMOUS!!! Did you know that? :ban: CJ
  11. Captain_John

    SOmething WOOD that the kids at school could make!

    Hey All! Tonight after chatting it up with the Carpentry instructor (who is interested in flying and his sister has a PPL) we thought that a wooden project might be something interesting for the kids to tinker with... perhaps even fly one day! Me!?! I could fly it. I could oversee the...
  12. Captain_John

    Hooker Harnesses CHEAP!

    Hey guys, I am leading a group deal on Hooker Harnesses and it looks like we will be saving about $100 off the set price for the Sport sets. I think it would be okay for builders of other types to go in on this deal. I suppose that with a wink and a nod, you could be an RV builder too...
  13. Captain_John

    Where have all the Long EZ's gone?

    Tell me... I can remember not too long ago when there were a few EZ's floating around and it was a real treat to see them here and there. This year, I bet that I could count all my sightings on one hand! These planes used to be everywhere. Where did they all go? Why doesn't it seem that...
  14. Captain_John

    Progress thread

    These threads are always fun. Post your project and what you are working on, what you will be working on or have gotten done recently. If your plane is done and you are modifying it, post something about it. If you have a pic, all the better. I have no idea what a Gyromonsterclycliplane...
  15. Captain_John

    Maiden Voyage!!! IFR, 100' & Rain!

    As you may recall, I have taken a hiatus from working on the plane to refurbish the cockpit of my boat. It has taken me three weeks in all, and that is about two weeks longer than I had allotted for the project! I know this is off topic, but the reason for doing the project was to learn about...
  16. Captain_John

    Sportsman 2+2

    Anyone doin' one uh these? It looks like an excellent second project. Since ordering some info on it, they have been constantly in touch with me and seem to be the "up and coming" kit. They have the right attitude and seem to have all the tees crossed and eyes dotted! I like them and am...
  17. Captain_John

    How strong is...

    2 ounce mat? I am experimenting on my boat stringers and have glassed in some two by's with 2 ounce mat and am considering goin' over it with cloth, but it seems REALLY strong! Now, I know this will NEVER fly and it is only for the experience and floatability, but I want it done correctly...
  18. Captain_John

    Inverted landing gear question

    How hard would it be to install inverted landing gear onto my RV? What I want is to be able to double hinge my main gear and tailwheel so it can emerge from either side of the wings and fuse. I have some initial ideas and am right now cutting the necessary holes in my wing skins for...
  19. Captain_John

    Murphy Rebels

    Hey all, just wondering... What do we know about the Murphy planes? I can't help but wonder what is next in store for me once the RV is out of the nest. I would like a floatplane, as I have my seaplane rating. I am thinking Amphib Rebel with an O-320. Anything particularly good or bad...
  20. Captain_John

    External Storage Pod

    Hey All, I am a kitbuilder. You know us, we buy a plan, parts and go from there. I am not an en ga neer and don't try to be. One thing I would like though, is an external, detatchable storage pod for my RV. Currently no one makes one, but it would be a good thing for hauling around golf...