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  1. Captain_John

    sheet alu. skin over solid foam core?

    Shannon is right! That is what they do to the T-51's and it is the polystuff! :) CJ
  2. Captain_John

    Drill Size For Dimpled -4 Rivet Holes

    Gary, Nope... you are doing things right. That is normal. What I often do is crisp things up a bit by just touching the deburring tool to the interior portion of the dimple. It really makes for a flush, smooth product. :) CJ
  3. Captain_John

    Fixed I come!

    I don't maintain a website or anything. I just check in with updates. Let me scare up some pix and I will post them up here soon. :) CJ
  4. Captain_John

    Fixed I come!

    Jake, Things with me are AWESOME now that the dust has all settled in the divorce. I am back to building and things are going great since I got back from OSH. I am working on the canopy and fitting the wings. My beautiful girlfriend Karen sits in the garage with me working on her crafts...
  5. Captain_John

    Fixed I come!

    Jake, I have been checking in from time to time and following your progress. Let me just say, this is awesome! I call the 172 the Skyhawg. It is so stodgy and ill-performing... but OTOH VERY PREDICTABLE!!! Enjoy your training. I will keep in touch! :) CJ
  6. Captain_John


    Jake, Yes! That is the pow-wow! Call me and hopefully we can get together! The trip was GREAT! I haven't had time to write about it yet. Hopefully I won't forget the details before I get a chance to peck it out on the keyboard. In a nutshell, 33 Days on a Suzuki Boulevard and 14 states...
  7. Captain_John


    Welcome back, Jake! Say, I am planning on flying out to Oswego. Do you plan on attending their pow wow? Lemme know! :) CJ
  8. Captain_John

    Hello from Iraq

    Jake, Will you be home in the beginning of August? If so, PM me and I can stop by and say hello on my way back from Sturgis! :) CJ
  9. Captain_John

    How would you define "close-coupled"?

    Close coupled is a relative term. I am no En-ga-near, but I can explain it to you in plain english. I am a pilot who flies many types of aircraft and a builder of what I consider to be a closely coupled airframe. To me, it refers to the the distance between the rudder and the vertical axis...
  10. Captain_John

    'Must have' Shop tools

    I agree! It doesn't matter what you are working on a Dremel will make the job easier! They are so handy for intricate tasks, it cannot be explained. Whenever I visit the aviation department of Home Depot, I ALWAYS look at the Dremel attachments! :shock: CJ
  11. Captain_John

    more rivet questions

    That stuff is 0h.2thin" :roll: CJ
  12. Captain_John

    more rivet questions

    Oh hey... another tid bit for ya: :) CJ
  13. Captain_John

    more rivet questions

    Yes, that is an excellent resource! :) CJ
  14. Captain_John

    building durand MK V

    Cool! Welcome to HBA! :) CJ
  15. Captain_John

    more rivet questions

    You won't find a spec on where to dimple vs. countersink. Also, you will have a hard time dimpling anything thicker than 0.040" or so. Given that, you should dimple any material that... when you attempt to countersink it... you enlarge the hole diameter or leave a knife edge on the countersunk...
  16. Captain_John

    Riveted joint strength...

    Cool, I are an ed-yu-cator... currently. My background is Electrical Construction and Maintenance. I also have a background in technological sales. It is varied, but I consider myself a student of life. Anyways, is your goal to design your own plane? I don't see many (there are exceptions like...
  17. Captain_John

    Riveted joint strength...

    Dave, I aren't a en-ga-near but... a bunch of small rivets in fine pitch makes an incredibly strong joint. I know that we are speaking in relative terms here but the AN426-3-X rivets we use in our RV's are nothing but pure magic! A row of them and some perpendicular structure is stronger than...
  18. Captain_John

    Hart Aero (CLOSED)

    Re: Hart Aero I have taken a backseat on this because I haven't had the time to keep abreast of it. Thanks to Orion for taking charge. I have seen other groups go to Hell in a handbasket with too much bickering. I don't want HBA to become one of those places. Everyone play nice now! ;) CJ
  19. Captain_John

    Never Fabricated Metal Components Before

    Go help any RV builder for a day with their project. You can't throw a dead cat without hitting one nowadays! They will show you the ropes, let you buck some rivets and explain metal fab like there is no tomorrow. ANY RV builder will do this for you! The RV network is just beyond words. Be...
  20. Captain_John

    Garmin G1000 Alternative?

    I love some pf the replies this far! Orion, the Aspen looks like a nice unit! Besides, I am looking forward to asking my friends, "How's your Aspen"? Me? I have selected the Advanced Flight Systems AF 3500 with mapping. It is pretty slick! See the website at...