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  1. cpd

    Parts Wanted Wanted Continental A65

    Hi Guys, I am in need of a low to mid time Continental A65 to get my piet flying again before this summer is over. need not have accessories, logs not required but preferred. my current engine lost oil pressure and its much more affordable to mount another mid time engine than replace the...
  2. cpd

    First Vmax Flight of 2021

    Tonight I took to the sky in the Vmax for the first time since october 2020. It seems I finally have the Weber progressive carb sorted out and she was purring like a kitten at all power settings. I have all the parts needed to swap out the Weber a more aviation friendly setup but do to some...
  3. cpd

    Far 103 trike plans / info wanted

    Hi everyone, I am wanting to build a far 103 compliant trike that can be powered with a converted predator engine. I've got a few hours in a trike but am not an expert by any stretch but can get up and down again without killing myself. What is out there as far as lightweight trike plans...
  4. cpd

    Minimax 1100R Maiden Flight

    Test flew my friend Tim's minimax on sunday. For the last 2 months I have been helping my friend Tim get his 1100r ready for its first flight. It was built back in 08 but was never quite finished or flown. The trailing edge had popped loose when the builder shrunk the fabric and after that the...
  5. cpd

    Saturday Evening Flight and Video

    I tossed the ol' gopro on the flightstar this evening before taking off on a short sunset jaunt to check out some carb jetting changes. Climb aboard and enjoy the ride.
  6. cpd

    What design fits the bill? aka does my dream plane exist?

    Mission requirements Stall speed of 32mph or less Cruise speed of 100mph 1 or 2 seats (2 preferred) takeoff run of 500ft or less range of 300 miles cost to build including engine and avionics of under 20k what mythical beast fits the bill? Chris
  7. cpd

    GA and shelter in place

    For those of us under Shelter in place orders and those of us soon to be, is going to the airport to work on an aircraft and fly the local area still permitted under outdoor activities? I cant see a better way of social distancing than being at 3000agl...…. just curious of everyone's take on it...
  8. cpd

    277 NEED HELP!

    I have exhausted my brain and the brains of several other engine experts with an issue im having with my Rotax 277UL (free air) so I thought I would ask you I acquired this engine a decade ago, its hours and condition largely unknown. I cleaned it up, rebuilt its carb and mounted it up last...
  9. cpd

    Carb heat needed?

    Question for the VW guys, my new (to me) vmax has a 1600cc great planes conversion running a weber downdraft carburetor mounted above the engine. It has 164.8hrs on this setup and lacks any kind of carb heat. Am i asking for trouble or is the radiant heat from the engine sufficient to prevent...
  10. cpd

    Lower budget engine options for a low budget UL

    so here go's...….. I believe simple low budget ultralights like my weedhopper still have a viable place in the market (even more so today with so many prospective pilots being budget limited). A weedhopper can be scratch built for 1k or less in tubing and another $900 for a set of solid color...
  11. cpd

    Rotax 277 prop selection

    I've got a rotax 277 with 5hrs total time and a fisher exhaust. It has a 2.125:1 belt drive and is swinging a 54x24 wood prop. Static rpm is 5800 and it stays at 5800 in a climb but reaches 6000rpm in level flight at full throttle. I am new to the 277 and not exactly sure what the recomended...
  12. cpd

    Chotia 460 post mortem

    I must be one of the few chotia pilots left and i still love this engine. Here is an example of why! I had noticed for the last year that my friend's weedhopper had lost a significant amount of compression and i was curious as to why. One day when she was doing some exhaust work, i took the...
  13. cpd

    Help my friend locate her HM 14 flying flea

    Hey guys, im trying to help a friend locate airplane she scratch built a decade ago. Its a non registered HM14 flying flea with a zenoah engine, blue fusalage and silver wings. She sold the airplane back in 2003 to a guy from Chicago IL. Since then it has dropped off of the radar. It may still...
  14. cpd

    C Model Weedhopper

    Ive been lurking alot the last few years and just wanted to let the flying world know what ive been up to! For the last year ive been enjoying the countryside and evening skies in my 1982 C model hopper. I am the 3rd owner of this beautiful machine, she is factory stock with a few upgrades to...
  15. cpd

    Kawasaki 440 problems

    I'm trying to get my himax up and running and I keep running in to engine issues. The engine is a Kawasaki 440a with 6hrs and it has been sitting the last 4 years. My first attempt to start it revealed no spark and a fried cdi so I installed a new cdi box after which the engine fired right...
  16. cpd

    wing sail tension

    I have recently acquired a tbird 1 that has recently had the left wing fail replaced with a new one. The sail seems to fit loose on the lower surface and sags about an inch towards the tip. In flight the sail sucks up forming a concave lower surface and adversly affecting trim and aileron...
  17. cpd

    the problems with aviation

    Fair warning......this is a rant..... I'm an A&P, private pilot, 24 years old, I've been flying since I was 16, 700+ hours logged in everything from ultralights to twins, and I'm fed up with the attitudes of 99% of the pilots I know. I currently fly an ELSA just because ultralight pilots are...
  18. cpd

    O200 egt spread

    Guys, I recently installed a quad egt in my 150 and I am somewhat shocked at the numbers I'm getting. The coolest is #1 at 1375 and the hottest is #3 at 1550 in cruise with the mixture at full rich. During the run up at 2000rpm I get 1600 on #3 and 1350 on the rest. Is this a normal spread for...
  19. cpd

    O-200 Problem

    I have been fighting with an O-200 that is suffering from a power loss at full throttle for over a year now. Thanks to falling compressions I installed new cylinders over the winter and now that the flying season is here again I would like to finally sort out the power loss once and for all...
  20. cpd

    Old member, New intro

    Hi all I have lurked around HBA for the last few years and even posted a few times but I never really introduces myself so here goes...... I'm Chris, Im 22 years old and I have been flying ultralights and light aircraft since I was 18. I cut my teeth in a Rans S12 and a T Bird II with Ray...