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  1. Geraldc

    Celera 500l Progress

    Red motor in Fletcher FU24 .
  2. Geraldc

    Celera 500l Progress

    Not available for tracking on flight aware at request of owner.
  3. Geraldc

    Rotary-wing Ultralight Aircraft

    one for Henryk
  4. Geraldc

    Aluminum extrusion spar web.

    These folders are the way to go if you can get access to one . They can also do radius bends for nose sections with smooth curves.
  5. Geraldc

    CriCri MC-15 in NZ

    Mine was meant to fly on a significant birthday but the weather was bad. And the wings were not finished.
  6. Geraldc

    Scanning Old Plans

    I use this app on my Android phone. Has crop and deskew functions.
  7. Geraldc

    Crashes in the News - Thread

    Eye bolts that can fail at threads.
  8. Geraldc

    Assessment of old wood.

    this will tell you a lot.
  9. Geraldc

    Yet Another Airborne Camper

    Nacho Flores Aguirre Freelance Concept Artist & Illustrator
  10. Geraldc

    Crashes in the News - Thread

    Not sure if already posted but worth reading because this system is use in many planes.
  11. Geraldc

    EAA spreadsheet for landing gear design

    Mine was designed for fibreglass but some thought making with carbon was better and it was too stiff. E-Props are now making carbon landing gear.
  12. Geraldc

    EAA spreadsheet for landing gear design

    The landing gear in my build is made this way but in fibreglass. Carbon was far too stiff .
  13. Geraldc

    Crashes in the News - Thread

    Interesting fact that youtube has like and dislike counters. Jan is way ahead on the likes.
  14. Geraldc

    how simple is this?

    Looks like the wing off a model airplane I had when I was a kid.
  15. Geraldc

    What is your biggest gripe about your hangar?

    Doors with bottom rollers running on tracks are much better.
  16. Geraldc

    Video series on TIG welding thin wall aircraft tubing

    For notching tubes this is all you need .One I own takes standard hole cutting bits but I modified it for annular cutters.
  17. Geraldc

    Video series on TIG welding thin wall aircraft tubing

    There is also the risk of introducing carbon to the surface from the torch if not set right.A video somewhere explains that.
  18. Geraldc

    Exhaust pipe fabrication helpers

    From manufacturers website . So you have to do a bit of work before you use them. Please note: The tacking band sets do not come with 10mm round bar or C Clamp. Tacking Bands will come with instructions on how to slice and weld round bar on.