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    Adhesive replacing rivets or bolts

    I'm doing initial calculations on a "black aluminum" approach to my turtledeck and canopy, and have made some approximate calculations for replacing rivets and/or bolts with adhesive. This is probably completely unnecessary, and I would be better off just using the same number of rivets on the...
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    Hirth 35HF Jet A 2-stroke, no oil mixing needed

    I stumbled across this engine recently but can't find any more info or if it's available to any organization too small to have it's own military: It's a 2 stroke, 60 Hp, 79 lb (wet), 2 cylinder engine that runs on kerosene based fuels (Jet...
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    EarthX ETX12A battery brand new

    I bought this EarthX ETX12A, a LiFePO4 battery, expecting it to be a 12 Ah battery, only to find that it is a 12 "EqAh" battery, which is a made up number for marketing purposes with no bearing on reality which nearly every LiFePO4 battery vendor uses in their marketing. This is a 4 Ah battery...
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    You thought amateur drones were dangerous, what about the jetpacks?

    Two different planes reported seeing a guy in a jetpack at 3,000 ft on the approach path to LAX:
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    Mounting flexible solar panel on aluminum aircraft

    I am planning on using a flexible 100W solar panel on my Hummelbird to recharge the LIFePO4 battery which will be running the radio, instruments, lights, and possible future transponder. I already have the solar panel, it measures 21.25"x11"x.080" (EDIT:typo originally said 12.25)...
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    Weird Alclad?

    I finished buying all the sheet metal for my aircraft 2 years ago, and recently made some parts, including the turtledeck, trailing edges of the wings, and ailerons with the Alclad 2024-T3 .016" that I had bought. I only stripped the protective plastic where the rivets were at the time of...
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    Thunder over Louisville 2020

    Thunder over Louisville is an all day airshow followed by the largest fireworks show in North America (it's what Armed Forces Television shows on 4th of July). It would have been today, but, like any recent gathering of hundreds of thousands of people, it got cancelled because of Covid-19. So...
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    Carbon fiber seat in aluminum plane

    I've had an idea to make a composite seat, although I know making it out of fiberglass would be easier and a lot cheaper, because of planned future projects, I'd like to make it out of carbon fiber so I can renew my decade-old experiences with it. I'd like some opinions from those with...
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    Klixon circuit breakers as switches

    I'm looking at circuit breakers for the panel, the Klixon 2TC2 seems like they would work fine. I only need 5 circuit breakers. I noticed that they are good for 2500-5000 cycles, which is well over the number of times I would use a switch in 1000+ hours, is there any reason I couldn't use them...
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    Drying out fuel tank

    I've sealed and closed one of my leading edge fuel tanks, but I have a couple of pinholes I'm tired of chasing down, so I bought some slosh type sealant. The instructions state to make sure there is no water in the tank, but there are a few drops, I used water to check the back side sealing...
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    TIG, stress relieving

    I've already done most of the welding for the Hummelbird I'm building, so this is academic at this point, but the plans say to TIG or torch weld the 4130 parts, but then to stress relieve them (heat to cherry red and allow to cool) all the parts after welding. If I'm stress relieving...
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    Chemseal solvent issue - read before you buy.

    I bought some Chemseal B2 CS3204 from Aircraft Spruce and used it to seal a fuel tank last night. The solvent for cleaning it up is methylene chloride, which was banned from consumer sale last year. Since I have a chemistry lab at work, this was no big deal for me to acquire, but you might want...
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    Single point safety wire anchor

    I have a few places on the Hummelbird I'm building, like the elevator hinge pins and the fuel drain, where I need to safety wire a single point, but have nothing nearby to safety wire the bolt/pin to. I've thought of a half dozen different ways to do it, but don't know what's strong enough and...
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    Enlarging wing rib lightening holes

    I'm plugging along on my Hummelbird build, and I've hit a snag. I've been working on leading edge fuel tanks in the outer wing sections, which have been done several times before, but there are no plans. I'm a little stuck on building the end caps, the last couple of solutions I've tried to get...
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    Cylinder and engine paint questions.

    I'm stripping the 2-3 layers of paint (orange, silver, and red) off the Global 1/2 VW I'm close to assembling for the Hummelbird I'm building, and wondering what needs paint and what doesn't. The cylinders are steel, so I know I need to paint them. Cylinder heads and valve covers are aluminum...
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    Rogers International Airfield in Kentucky Fly-in/Camp out Oct. 26-27

    "Fly in to Rogers International Airport for another great event hosted by Gene and Friends!! This will be a bookend to the Memorial Day event and you know how much fun that was!! The event will begin early on Saturday morning and go till noon Sunday. Lunch Saturday afternoon and Steak bbq dinner...
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    Fuel sock instead of finger strainer

    I've been looking at the finger strainers I got from Aircraft Spruce, and I'm pretty disappointed with them. The hole size looks to be somewhere between 1/32"-1/16", which would pass through particles large enough to kill a fuel pump or carburetor. I'll have fuel filters for that, but why aren't...
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    Flush mount fuel drains

    I'm getting close to building my leading edge tanks, and I've been looking at fuel drains. I've seen some flush mount ones that look like this: I like them because they get the fuel at the very bottom of the tank without protruding much, but how do you mount these? Is there a internal NPT...
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    What if the plastic coating on the skin isn't removed before riveting.

    While taking apart the rear spar/bottom skin rivets, I noticed a small (2"x2"ish) section of the skin between one rib and the spar that I failed to remove the plastic coating on the skin before riveting it to the rear spar. What would be the effect of leaving the coating on a skin and riveting...
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    Spar angle tolerance

    I've been using a digital level on my build, and have noticed a problem. I'm not sure if it's a precision issue with the level or a serious problem. The Hummelbird has a 72 inch wide center section of the wing that goes through the fuselage, front spar is built up, rear spar is a 1.5x1.5x.125"...