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    Old flying club info.

    Were any members on this forum members of the "Norfolk Navy Flying Club"? If so please contact me.
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    final design step

    I've worked out my stress, flight diagrams, and needed data for an aircraft design. I've chosen aluminum as my build material. My question is, what are good reference material books, and articles to choose, and size the aluminum, rivets, and attaching devises?
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    Q-2, Q-200, TRI-Q parts

    Need canopy, wings & canard, and TRI-Q parts. Also, am building a signal rotor Mazda engine, and need aluminum ends.
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    BOM for RV-10

    Does anyone, other than Vans, have a Bill-of-Materials (BOM) for the RV-10?
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    TRI-Q parts

    Looking for TRI-Q landing gear, and canopy.
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    Dead links

    Why do about 50% of my searches end up with dead links? Such as:
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    EAA spreadsheet for landing gear design

    Does anyone have the EAA excal spreadsheet for the landing gear design, and if so could I have a copy? Regards, Norman Parmley
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    ELIPPSE Props

    Does anyone know if the Elippse props are for sale from someone?
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    4130 left over

    Does anyone have 4130 tubing, any size, left over from their project they would be willing to part with. I need some pieces to practice welding with. Regards,
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    search results

    Is the search still hosed-up?
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    view search results

    Is something wrong with the servers? I can not view any of my search results.
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    Zenair CH-640 plans

    Any CH-640 plans out there for sale?
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    bent wings

    Why are wings bent, such as the, such as the Thorp T-18? \____/
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    Experimental from commercial plans

    Here's the question. Can a person build from scratch an example of a commercial certified aircraft, and certify it a experimental? From what I can tell looking at he FAA site the answer is yes. However, not 100% sure.
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    Startup trying to build/finance GP-4

    Celata Aircraft is trying o crowd fund the making of a kit to build the GP4. If anyone is interested their website is:
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    Interest in Sonex

    I am interested in the Sonex AC. However, has anyone redesigned it for the full 1320 lb. LSA limit? The construction looks simple, and robust. With the added weight it could suit my use better, as I and wife are not standard FAA humans. Any ides, or suggestions?
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    BMW R1200 motor

    This is for the BMW gurus. Could a BMW R1200 be altitude compensated with a turbo?
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    Designing Canards

    Can someone point me toward information on the design of 2, and 3 lifting surface canard designing?
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    CG 3LS - Three Lifting Surfaces

    Quick question on 3 lifting surfaces - how do you calculate the cg of the canard & main wing, the cg of the main wing & tail, and then sum the two cgs together?
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    Spartan Executive

    Does anyone have, or known of possible construction, and/or design information on the Spartan Executive airplane. NormP