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  1. cohocarl

    Just an F.Y.I., $15 off all versions of MS Flight Simulator today (09/22/20) only.

    If you were thinking of purchasing Microsoft Flight Simulator, B. Buy has listed on their daily deals the digital download of ALL of the versions of it. (making digital version $45). I'm not endorsing or promoting seller, but thought it might save someone a little $ if were on the fence. If...
  2. cohocarl

    Info on LMA Super Cub Replica & LMA Taylorcraft Replica kits(?)

    Hoping to start building a kit plane in the next year or so and trying to research everything that's out there. I see Wicks has a couple kits from LMA (Light Miniature Aircraft) for a Super Cub Replica and a Taylorcraft Replica. (LM-TC-W) I'm finding a few pics of a finished Taylorcraft kit...