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  1. Chlomo

    How do helicopters maintain a certain rotor pitch?

    On rotors of large complex helicopters I'm sure there are hydraulic devices that hold the required pitch as dictated by cyclic input by the pilot. Anyone care to share how that works mechanically? Especially with the more modern non symmetrical airfoiled rotors. How do rotor systems resist such...
  2. Chlomo

    (part of)Kitplanes May 2002 Issue!

    Goodie Goodie moarning gentlemen and gentlewomen! The other day I found this cute airplane 'Aeriane Motor Swift' on Dan Johnson site. ( - Ultralight Motorgliders) And as usual the images on the website are a little smaller than I'd like. I've been to Kitplanes digital archive...
  3. Chlomo

    Incremental Forming of sheet metal parts.

    I've often wondered if there is a cnc way of forming complex shapes from sheet metal blanks; turns out there is, at least in its early developmental stage. I wonder if it can be used for rib forming along with fuselage panel forming.. Small machine for ribs Large one as seen in video for fuse...
  4. Chlomo

    Is there a thing as Structure Reinforcing Primer?

    Too often we hear people arguing on the necessity of priming metal surfaces; Cons side of argument being that it adds dead weight and offers little benefit. So I got thinking.. Wouldn't it be great if the primer doubled as a means of beefing up the internal structure?? If it adheared well with...
  5. Chlomo

    Wow smooth leading edge flange forming video!

    I just discovered this youtube video that might be of interest to some of you. It was easy to find so I guess many of you have already seen it... Anyway You could watch the whole thing but the wow factor comes in at about 5mins into the video! They used 0 temper 2024 so subsequent heat...
  6. Chlomo

    A very overpowered motorglider!

    Take this and Put it into... This! And there you have a grossly overpowered little bird! Maybe a leeetle too much power I daresay. If I heavy mod the structure to use the engine as tractor configuration instead of pusher what kind of problems would rise except for the obvious CG...
  7. Chlomo

    Plexiglass canopy view distortion radius.

    So.. Everybody happy building? As with aluminum sheet I think there may be such thing as minimum radius for a given thickness of plexiglass(let's say 4mm for example). The radius must be carefully chosen so as not to cause significant distortion in view! I'm thinking about a semimonocoque...
  8. Chlomo

    Laser and Plasma cutters/engravers.

    I've seen a video on Youtube that describes a wing manufacturing process utilizing a 'cnc punch turret'. However something tells me that gizmo is not the weapon of choice for most of us homebuilders; one might consider going laser or plasma. That being said there are a lot of 50~60W laser...
  9. Chlomo

    (Fauvel Flying Wing AV-60) Can anybody identify the source of it?

    I've recently developed an interest in Fauvel airplanes especially av-60. From EAA's Sport aviation archive I've obtained a few images of it Has anyone seen any other images from the magazine? Also Can you identify the original publication source for this image? I only vaguely guess Canadian...
  10. Chlomo

    Auto-feed blind rivet gun!

    Considering many homebuilts such as Sonexes utilize primarily blind rivets I think one could really benefit from auto rivet guns. Does anybody own one of these dream tools?
  11. Chlomo

    Non-90 degree flanges... Are they as strong as 90 deg ones?

    Some of you may be designing aluminum riveted sheet metal airplanes that have graceful fuses and tapered wings. Thus the need for non-perpendicular flanges. Perhaps such projects are more suited to composites but let's assume we do it Aluminum stressed skin structure like Hummelbirds. With...
  12. Chlomo

    Does anyone have a pdf copy of Sportplane construction techniques by Tony Bingelis?

    I just ordered the book from Amazon and it is expected to arrive NEXT YEAR!!! While I'm waiting for Amazon to deliver I'm really really anxious to get my eyes on it!! Does somebody happen to have a digital copy of the book?
  13. Chlomo

    Fuselage Bulkhead/Rib question; Curved flanges

    Hi forum! Good day to build airplanes! Or to design one.. Or maybe just to think about designing one. Some food for thought; How does one create professional looking(and correspondingly strong) curved flanges? When a flange is straight like the ones in Sonex there is little issue in designing...
  14. Chlomo

    $1-2000 for a 1.4L engine.. Sounds interesting?

    Yo! Just got a price quote for a factory new 1.4L Hyundai Gamma engine! It is around $1600 brand new right from factory!(I live in Korea) I will look into the more common 1.6L version but I suspect there will be no marginal price difference. However one would need some ancilliaries to run the...
  15. Chlomo

    Solidworks Ladies and Gentlemen! Please help me resolve this frustrating issue!

    Hi! Good day to you all! I've been sketching some base curves to loft a fuselage for some time. And every now and then there's this strange strange issue I can't seem to figure out. Lofting... guide curves first and profiles later right? And that is what I'm doing. When I try to pierce a guide...
  16. Chlomo

    I'm in deep deep deep ****!

    Good day dear homebuilders! It's always a great pleasure for me to imagine you all happily building away your dream airplanes(staring into space and making weird motion with your hands)!:) I'll stop beating around george bush and explain my impossibility of affordable homebuilding(wipes away...
  17. Chlomo

    South Korean autoengines...

    Greetings everyone!So..another thread about auto engine conversion. Here goes.Where I live in (Seoul, Korea) the roads are practically teeming with Hyundais and Kias(though the percentages have dwindled somewhat in the last few years) which leads me to think those might be a potential...
  18. Chlomo

    Hello! Could someone help me clear up minute some details..?

    Hi everyone! I'm very eager and looking forward to joining homebuilt aviation crowd!:grin: However before I can commence modeling in Solidworks there are some things I'm compelled to ask you. 1. What brand/name of solid rivets are RV airplanes primarily built with? And as for the RV-12 I've...
  19. Chlomo

    BMW motorcycle engines on eBay.. Help!

    Hi everyone! It's my very first post and I'm really looking forward to learning from you all!:ban: So I'll get right to the point. From what I've read on this forum and some other websites as well I've come to the conclusion that using BMW motorcycle engines on airplanes is a very possible...