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  1. Chlomo

    Sooo.. Are you still on the project?

    Sooo.. Are you still on the project?
  2. Chlomo

    jeannies teenie with actual engine from the cover 1968 pop. mech. magazine

    WoW! Such a lovely lil airplane it must be!
  3. Chlomo

    How do helicopters maintain a certain rotor pitch?

    Yes when filled with fluids and valves locked the hydraulic cylinder will resist outside input. My specific question is how is it achieved when the hydraulic circuit is in constant small adjustments somewhat analogous to 'signal debouncing(?)' in electronics. EDIT: This is apparently very...
  4. Chlomo

    How do helicopters maintain a certain rotor pitch?

    On rotors of large complex helicopters I'm sure there are hydraulic devices that hold the required pitch as dictated by cyclic input by the pilot. Anyone care to share how that works mechanically? Especially with the more modern non symmetrical airfoiled rotors. How do rotor systems resist such...
  5. Chlomo

    Older KitPlane mags

    Hey Please take a last look at my thread!
  6. Chlomo

    (part of)Kitplanes May 2002 Issue!

    Goodie Goodie moarning gentlemen and gentlewomen! The other day I found this cute airplane 'Aeriane Motor Swift' on Dan Johnson site. ( - Ultralight Motorgliders) And as usual the images on the website are a little smaller than I'd like. I've been to Kitplanes digital archive...
  7. Chlomo

    Deltahawk Engines

    A blast from the past! Accelerate to 88miles in a Deltahawk powered airplane and go back 10 years!
  8. Chlomo

    Delta Hawk Diesel

    Roses are blue, violets are red, This is the year 2015! tick tick tick...
  9. Chlomo

    Buying 6061 sheet on

    'Tell me doctor, where are we going this time? Is it the fifties or nineteen ninety nine?' HBA should have a dedicated hoverboard section by now. Forget half vw! People would be asking for cheep 200lbf turbines for their skates!
  10. Chlomo

    4130 Tube Steel Alternatives?

    So it seems Aircraft Spruce and Wicks remain the premier choice of tubing materials. At .57 per ft I couldn't believe my eyes.
  11. Chlomo


    And Bill is no longer with us as well. Has peace finally arrived? Who will be the next to take us all by storm?
  12. Chlomo

    Modify Turbojet To Turbofan?

    Somebody who has a rich friend with a citation jet reverse engineer the Williams FJ44!Don't go Chinese way and try to extract technology out of it. Rather 3d scan and copy the entire design! I think that has much more potential for success.
  13. Chlomo


    HBAers at war! Who will win? Who will bite the dust?
  14. Chlomo

    Crowdfunding the Epic

    Im worse off in that regard T_TA uni student with no job living trying to contend with HOSTILE aviation regulations.All engines must be overhauled when TBO arrives! Can you believe it?
  15. Chlomo

    DIY Navigation-Computer OpenVarion (Open-source)

    Shall we talk about this promising new gadget?If I can build a true glass cockpit for 500 eruros then BOOOYA!
  16. Chlomo

    21st century Volksplane?

    39 more posts and we celebrate the thread's 1000th! Chime in everybody!
  17. Chlomo

    Crowdfunding the Epic

    Hmmmmnn More people might be interested if you set out to develope a strange new bird.
  18. Chlomo

    Hi Ekki, Good day many clouds!How is everyones dream progressing? How is yours turning out?Are...

    Hi Ekki, Good day many clouds!How is everyones dream progressing? How is yours turning out?Are you on the Fauvel? Maybe a whole new departure? A flynano?Curious to hear about your adventure!By the way I like your avatarRegards!Sangwa
  19. Chlomo

    Photos from Flynano unveiling event (Helsinki /

    And that doesnt mean they should abandon the project!
  20. Chlomo

    Photos from Flynano unveiling event (Helsinki /

    Those guys have been around for quite a while havnt they??Enjoyed more than their fair share of attention with no real products.