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    Flaps or flaperons

    Lets say you were going to build a light sport aircraft and i mean light . And your purpose was strictly back country bush flying . Hunting , hauling moose meat . Real STOL FLYING . Ive lived in ALASKA all my life and hunted in some real remote places . . My question is reguardingwing...
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    What could be done to reinvent the Affordaplane to a more homogeneous project?

    just what is the A planes safety record . to hear some of you gentlemen speak of it you would think it would be raining A Planes from the heavens . The owners / builders seem to think quite highly of them .
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    Kolb Ultrastar - need details

    Hello im looking for a set of plans and manual for the kolb ultra star is there any chance of getting them from anyone . Id like to build one in my garage with my son
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    Rotax 670

    How about the 617 rotax made from 91 through 94 . I have one i was going to rebuild and mock up on somthing in the future
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    New to the game

    Hello everyone , im very excited and greatfull to be name is jeff and im from north pole alaska. Im knew flying all i know is one day it hit me like a frieght train all i wanted to do is fly . It consumed me its all i thought about . at 55 and retierd my wife thought i was having a mid...
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    Sit on top two seater

    Thats brilliant