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    Question about allen head/socket cap screws

    Does anyone know where I can find information about how many square inches the knurled end of an allen head/socket cap screw is? I haven't been able to find anything. I particularly need to know the area of both 1/2" and 3/8" screws. Since the knurled end is cut down to more of a point and...
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    Motavia engines

    Has anyone heard of Motavia brand aviation engines? I believe they were a cross between a motorcycle engine and a ford ecotec type engine. thanks.
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    Missing some info...

    Is the AirplanePDQ program by DaVinci Technologies still available? The last listed update was 5 years ago. My copy crashed, and am trying to get another, but no response on the website. If not available, can someone recommend a replacement with the same basic abilities to play around with that...
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    Wheel rpm

    Where would I go to find the formula that will tell you the rpm of a landing gear wheel while you are in motion? I know the diameter of the tire and the speed. Thanks for the help.