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  1. Idahopilot

    Parts Wanted Cricri canopy, h-tail, fuel tank

    Greetings! I hope to bring some CriCri owners and builders together with this thread too! I am seeking a fuel tank or someone who can copy theirs in bid cloth, as well as a canopy and the horizontal tail and control rod. I have a previously completed plane with these parts Mia. Erik at KTWF...
  2. Idahopilot

    Parts For Sale Wheeler Express Wings nib

    I traded some work a number of years back for this pair of "new in box" original crates untouched Wheeler /Express Airplane wings. Includes what came with the original kit shipment for the start of the kit. Whole wings set. Erik Email Glasair at the 'G'oogle mail place. Pics on serious inquiry...
  3. Idahopilot

    MoHawk - - - > Kitfox/Avid clone

    Should anyone be interested, I have a set of Mohawk wings uncovered at KTWF.