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    Fabric repair over latex paint

    I managed to damage my Cabin Eagle in a taxi incident (it hasn't flown yet). The damage I'm concerned about here is to the wing tip. I broke the end ribs. I have cut back the fabric to the 2nd from end rib bay to check for any additional damage. I have almost completed the structural repair and...
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    Rotax 582 bolts. Metric or AN?

    I've looked through the Rotax 582 assembly manual but I am still not clear whether or not the bolts on a Rotax 582 are Metric or AN. There is a clear reference to metric bolts for the prop hub. But what about the engine mount and the various cast in bosses on the side of the engine. Some...
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    Learning to fly a Trail wheel airplane using a simulator

    I'm currently building a CabinEagle. This is a tailwheel aircraft. I have no tailwheel experience. A friend with a kitfox is showing me the techniques for tailwheel aircraft. I have a stick and rudder setup on my PC that I use with Condor (for glider simulation). I was wondering if I would...