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    Steel choice substitution for flying wires?

    I am working on the tail feathers for a GN-1 Aircamper (updated, "improved" Pietenpol) and the plans call for 3/16" 4130 solid steel flying wires, threaded 10-32 on each end for terminal clevises. I can only find 4130 down to 1/4", and I'd like to leave them bare and polished anyway, so thinking...
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    Just lost an acquaintance to a plane crash

    Still trying to wrap my head around it, as long as I've been into aviation this is the first time I've lost anyone personally. Known a lot of people who've been in crashes, some very serious, but never a death. Mike Fjetland used my home strip for touch and go practice just about every nice...
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    Will spring ever make it to MN this year?

    Walked the whole runway last night. Had a couple of wet spots that will dry out in a day, about a dozen badger holes to fill, grass just starting to come up. Overall, it is in pretty good shape, would be ready to fly today if need be. Of course, now it' supposed to rain/sleet/snow for the...
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    OT - Removing and keeping badgers out of a turf airstrip?

    I own a grass strip, and the badgers are making a mess of it. Large (8-10") holes with associated piles of dirt and small aircraft wheels don't mix. We have cats, the neighbors have dogs, so I'd rather keep lethal means like poison or killer traps out of the solution. I'd try shooting them...
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    Sources for Hi-Lok fasteners?

    I have a joint that I'd like to use Hi-Lok fasteners on, but I used to always order them through work. I no longer work in the field, so I'm trying to find sources of small quantities of standard Hi-Lok pins and collars that will sell to individuals. Any ideas? I'm looking for HL18-10-24 pins...