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    Limit vs ultimate load

    Scenario 2 is the normal understanding in the industry. I would even say : 4.1G -> some yield is acceptable. Some designers take large margins but not all do, so unless you checked the stress report yourself, don't assume they did. No plastification (yield) is allowed before LL (let's say 4G)...
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    Classic fuselage designe but in carbon fiber tubes?

    Hi, Such a design has been built by Thierry Pujole in France a few years ago, called the Agrion : The carbon fibre tubes are bonded/tied together using a carbon fibre wrapping:
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    39th Western Workshop of the Experimental Soaring Association, div. SSA

    Hi all, I don't know anything about the regulations in the US concerning glider towing, but in France it is possible to tow with amateur built airplane and even with ultralights. The aeroclub where I fly airplanes has a large glider section and they are towed using either an ACBA Midour 3...
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    Alternatives to spruce in wooden aircraft construction?

    Ash is good for highly loaded parts but not for long stiffeners. It is especially very good in compression across the grain and in bearing (so ideal for a bolt going through). It was used on the Stampe for the front of the fuselage longerons, scarfed with spruce at the back. I think this was...
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    Carbon fibre

    Also be careful with material interactions. Aluminium cannot be in contact with carbon without having galvanic corrosion problems, so a lot of people who use carbon fibre rods use stainless steel inserts at the ends for the rod ends, which end up being just as heavy as an aluminium tube with...
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    Euro Fly-in Blois 2012 - GREAT video

    The fly-in in Blois was always great. Later ones in Vichy were unlucky with weather but last year and this year it is back in Brienne-le-Chateau where it was held twenty years ago. Everyone is welcome ! German, Luxembourg and Belgian borders are not far so all our Europeans friends are invited...
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    6061-T6 tubing needed in the UK, ( HELP )

    I think in the UK, 6061 is quite rare but you can find more easily the British equivalent which is 6082 if I'm not mistaken.
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    The K8J project

    Make sure first with DGAC that you wouldn't have the same problem with the turboprop. As far as I know they only consider piston engines and turbine engines, so turboprops and jets fall in the same (latter) category.
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    Early 2019 Christmas Wish - RV-7HW...Are you listening, Richard?

    The Murphy Rebel would fit the lower end of the performance range, but with better STOL perf. What do you think ?
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    Filing weld joints

    I had read in a lot of places that one should'nt grind the welds to keep the material for structural strength, but in the industry (aero), almost all welds are grinded smooth, because the gain in fatigue strength from a smooth surface is much greater than the loss in static strength.
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    Homebuilt aircraft in Spain?

    Hi, I have no experience building an airplane in Spain, but flying a homebuilt from France only required an authorisation letter, to be asked long enough in advance because the administration is not very reactive, but that was obtained without any trouble, so I guess they are not too nervous...
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    Spar caps: Pultruded carbon profiles against wet roving layup

    Thanks for the information. I will try to discuss this with the authorities, especially the higher temperature would be interesting for airplanes that are not painted white. I know the laminated carbon spar sold in the CR100 kit is glued using Adekit 175, which also seems to have 130°C...
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    Spar caps: Pultruded carbon profiles against wet roving layup

    For information, in France the epoxy recommended by the DGAC (national authorities) for glueing pultruded carbon profiles is the Araldite 2015 (carbon to carbon and carbon to wood glued joints). I don't know how it compares to LY5052 in strength but it removes the step of adding cotton to the...
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    Spar caps: Pultruded carbon profiles against wet roving layup

    Another supplier in France is Epsilon Composites. I bought some 50*1.4mm sections for my project. They sell them by 10 m lengths.
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    CAM 04 - Schrenk's lift distribution

    Schrenk distribution for a tapered wing is the average between the elliptical distribution and the distribution proportional to the local chord. Do you need additional derivations ?
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    lift curve slope vs span?

    Also, in your commented file, All. is short for "allongement", which means aspect ratio. If you can post the un-understantable sentence (someting about a blower ?) in French from the original text I can have a go at translating it better.
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    lift curve slope vs span?

    As stated above, Cz in French textbooks is usually Cl in English and American.
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    lift curve slope vs span?

    100 Cz is 100 times the Cl, because at some point people didn't want to have to work with decimals. Cz in French can be misleading, as it can relate to the Cl (lift in aero coordinates), or the z force in aircraft coordinates. It is usually the former though, if not indicated otherwise.
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    Amsterdam/Brussels aviation sites to see, HBA gathering(s)?

    I was in Amsterdam last week for a business trip as well. Did not have time for museum but I went to the old harbour, between the science museum and the maritime museum, lots of old ships and boats typical of the netherlands with information placards next to them. The big period ship on the...
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    ASSO Jewel X Plans

    This website seems to distribute the drawings, you can try and contact them : (no English version it seems)