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    Suzuki E08A 800cc Two-Cylinder Aluminum Diesel

    Just wondering whether anybody's looked into these.
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    BD-5 Kauth Drive Plans

    Per a discussion with on a different BD-5 wanted thread, I'm looking for someone who would be willing to take photos of a set of Kauth drive plans for a BD-5. I'm volunteering the time required to model each piece of the drive in SolidWorks. I'll upload the model and drawing files to a few...
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    FS: Eclipse 500 rudder pedal assemblies

    I'm selling a few Eclipse 500 rudder/brake pedal assemblies that I picked up a while back in order to hopefully pay for some other materials. These are, to me, the aviation equivalent of a Rolex Oyster - each and every piece, without exception, is machined from billet and they're absolutely...