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    Canard fly/drive in 75 or so canards last year comin up the end of the month if you want to see em - this is better than oshkosh
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    I was talking about a wax mold carbon fiber intake.

    Ok, tell me more??? I would like to do this enjoy the build
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    MGS post curing

    Just had a great conversation with the rep from MGS epoxy and he put the post cure answer in plain english for me. Maximum benifit of post cure is 10 hours at 175 farenheight, i know, i know i can't spell or rember the centegrade temp Post cure after all filling is done with micro and...
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    Electronic Engine Controlls

    Anyone know of a programmable unit that i can use for ignition/injection/boost/propellor controll? enjoy the build dust
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    Propellor thoughts

    ok, in general terms, prop tip speeds are limited to 80 or 90% of the speed of sound. I know the plane will indicate 210 MPH at 6000 feet, been there, done that. I know what in theory an indicated 200 will true out to at 25000, all great numbers. I am planning at cruising at full cruise...
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    reasons not to build an airplane or go in the shop

    Because it looks like marbleturtles Because it's too cold Because it's too hot Because it's friday night Because it is not Friday night enjoy the build dust
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    Drag reduction

    OK, we all know i am building a cozy, and i would like to reduce the drag, wouldn't we all. I'm thinking one area that i could try is in the landing gear strut. It currently has an airfoil shape so that it creats a left and a right counterbalancing lift. I was thinking of changing the...
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    Tacking my parts together

    OK, the more i read, the more i think i HAVE to buy oxy/acet for tacking, just looks like my mig is the wrong darn machina. What say yous enjoy the build dust
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    Dust pushing planes

    Was said "Mostly I was trying to beat Dust to promoting the Cozy. BUT he didn't even promote it. Dust are you feeling okay ?" Hey i feel great, just learned a few lessons years ago, if you don't love it, you won't finish it If your mission doesn't fit the plane, in the end you...
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    leg pulling and the forum

    Well, i think we have been had by a 600 mph and a ruski. he he he I was had by a spar builder for finnish/baltic burch ply enjoy the build dust
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    fabricating an engine mount

    Well, talked to a buddy today and he sugested getting a 1/2 inch steel plate, drawing the firewall on it and fabricating the engine mount connected to it. that way when the welding is done, all parts will stay in alignment, i was just going to use 3/4 inch plywood, guess i go to a scrap yard...
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    hello canardians

    hey guys and girls and MT, thanks for stopping by. You will like this forum, if you thought there were smart people at the canard site,these people will blow you away. They will also blow you away with politeness, a real pleasure. I really think that this is the site for...
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    intake manifold material

    3AL-2.5V Titanium Welded Seam Tubing 2" outside diameter 0.070" wall thickness 0.186" inside diameter anyone know about this stuff, can i bend it, with heat or whatever, can it be welded? or should i pass on it, price is right $59.00 per 4 foot section. melting point i believe is 3000 F...
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    buying groups

    in aviation, we, the homebuilders represent a major force, which has no buying power. We buy more engines, avionics, an hardware than can be believed and yet we have no buying power. Shortly i am going to buy chrome moly steel for my motor mount from a local detroit warehouse that supplies...
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    The best shop tip i ever got

    get you BUTT in the shop and figure it out he he he enjoy the build dust
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    they want silly amounts to insure these planes, my partner and I are not buying hull insurance, just liability, we will self insure and self repair any damage. Enjoy the build dust
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    Exhaust system alloy

    anyone know the correct stainless alloy and wall thickness for exhaust system from head to turbo and then from turno to outside and from turbo to intercooler? enjoy the build dust, maybe i should change this to metal
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    Bending Wood

    I was at a local hanger recently looking at a bueatiful wood airplane wing in it's 30 foot jig. on the wall were fuselodge pieces that the builder had purchased, because they looked too dificult to make. Now i am not a wooden airplane builder, but , i do make wood furniture for a hobby 6...
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    Prop club

    anyone have a pic of a "prop club" i need to fabricate one for my continental workup, instead of a prop, they just produce allot of wind and i believe no thrust. I want to make it adjustable, so that i can tell if an "improvement" i make to an engine system actually makes a diference...
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    adding a carbon fiber layer or two

    Everything i have read says that if you add a layer of stiffer material to a layup then that layer is taking all of the load and the other layers are not. composit basics by andrew c marshall warns about doing this and it seems to be standard practice on this forum to do this, anyone have any...