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    Good article

    Mark, Nice writeup in the magazine on your UL. Enjoyed reading it. Tom
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    Pull rivets

    I have not built an aluminum tail before and was curious about the best pull rivet to use. I have been looking at the Cherry Q structual rivet and have about decided this is the best for this, but wanted some of your guys input that have done this. Tom
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    T-88 and wood joints

    Here is an excellent paper about glues and the making of proper joints for you making a flying machine out of this medium. It has several refrences that are very helpful. Tom Mathes
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    Gentlemen (hope I didnt offend anyone :gig:) I have been an aircraft builder for many years (Flybaby,Pietenpol,RevolutionII,Hatz). I was a corporate pilot and have lost my medical (Faa sent the dreaded letter taking it)and do not wish to go to the large expense for all the tests to get a 3rd and...
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    Visiting Portland

    Fellow Builders, I have a trip to Portland, Maine 5/22 thru 5/27. If anyone lives in this area I would really like to visit you and see your project. Are there any small airports where homebuilders hang out? Please send a personel e mail with a phone number. Thanks, Tom Mathes
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    719TM flys

    First flight today! N719TM RevolutionII, O235 Lycoming. Hands off, very responsive, and FUN! One more time tomorrow
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    RevolutionII pictures

    Fellow builders, Should anyone be building,or going to build, a RevolutionII or Spacewalker, I have construction pictures on the Warnerair web site. A lot of time a builder, building from plans, would like to know how this fits or looks or is made and what do this do, The first rule for...
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    Hi Youall

    Morning Ladies and Germs, My name is Tom Mathes and I have a strange disease known as the aviation bug. It all started when I was a little tyke watching a Chicago and Southern DC3 fly over every Morning , the bug bit and will not let go. Started flying in 1968 at the Navy Memphis Flying...