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    Fabric repair over latex paint

    Thanks, This pretty much how I'll do it, but I will take a look at the Stewart manual for repairs. Oh and I hope to get 70mph :) ...
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    Fabric repair over latex paint

    I managed to damage my Cabin Eagle in a taxi incident (it hasn't flown yet). The damage I'm concerned about here is to the wing tip. I broke the end ribs. I have cut back the fabric to the 2nd from end rib bay to check for any additional damage. I have almost completed the structural repair and...
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    The Millholland Designs Legal Eagle Ultralight, Legal Eagle XL and Double Eagle

    I've got a little over 1000 hrs in my cabin eagle. Should fly this summer...
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    Rotax 582 bolts. Metric or AN?

    I've looked through the Rotax 582 assembly manual but I am still not clear whether or not the bolts on a Rotax 582 are Metric or AN. There is a clear reference to metric bolts for the prop hub. But what about the engine mount and the various cast in bosses on the side of the engine. Some...
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    Flying Flea

    Found this photo while looking through some photos from New Zealand (ZK is the usual designation for New Zealand, I previously wasn't aware we also used ZL and ZM). Not knowing anything much about the flying flea I suspect this is similar but not actually a flying flea???
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    Aluminum vs. plywood vs. composite leading edge?

    I have just completed the wings for what will be my Cabin Eagle. The wing construction is identical to the Double Eagle and the leading edge has 0.08mm mahogony ply. There is quite a bit of flex in the leading edge between the ribs (including false rib) and Leonard Millholand has mentioned that...
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    Show us your homemade canopy skills

    A TV program called Full Custom Garage with Ian Roussel showed him building a very large canopy for a custom car. The techniques were interesting and while not simple did not use any exotic tools. Reruns of the show are still being shown.
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    Rib stiching a slow aircraft

    I'm building a cabin eagle, similar slow cruise to the FRED. The plans dont show rib stiching but I think I will do it anyway, kinda looks neat. I only recently realised that the stiches go all the way through the wing. I was worried that stiching around a 1/4" rib might cause problems but the...
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    Learning to fly a Trail wheel airplane using a simulator

    Much appreciated, As I mentioned I have a friend showing me how it is done in his tailwheel kitfox. I will just stick to that. ...Paul
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    Learning to fly a Trail wheel airplane using a simulator

    I'm currently building a CabinEagle. This is a tailwheel aircraft. I have no tailwheel experience. A friend with a kitfox is showing me the techniques for tailwheel aircraft. I have a stick and rudder setup on my PC that I use with Condor (for glider simulation). I was wondering if I would...
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    Any chance to fly a 420 kg plane with a 15 HP engine?

    The "guy fron New Zealand" was Richard Pearce. Interesting story even though it didnt lead anywhere.