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    Experimental Ducted Fan Aircraft Designs

    I really do like this design and I think it gets around some issues with ducted fans. I would be interested to see how a scale model performs. I think you may need to include some kind of tail for stability though.
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    Flying on 14 hp

    I REALLY like this design. What do you estimate the total empty weight to be? Engine picked out?
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    High aspect ratio wings

    That's definitely something I'd need to look into. Do you have more information/background on that? Places I could read up more? If I can't reduce the chord much it'd be hard to get significant gains. Is it possible to decrease the thickness of the wing much? Thanks for those other posts as...
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    High aspect ratio wings

    My question was particularly targeting low speed ultralight/light aircraft designs being made with 40+ year old wing designs. They have short stubby wings and in my mind step one is to drastically increase the span and shorten the chord. With the goal to achieve close to the same wing loading at...
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    High aspect ratio wings

    From reading it sounds like the higher aspect ratio you can make your wing the better. Less induced drag and high lift/weight. Why then would we continue to use low aspect ratio designs? Are they less efficient at speed? Feels like I'm missing some piece of information.
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    Experimental Ducted Fan Aircraft Designs

    I think some additional efficiency can also be fairly easily obtained by moving the motor outside of fan and have it driven by belts. The last thread had some rough designs talking about this.
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    Experimental Ducted Fan Aircraft Designs

    I do like that idea/sketch they have: Looks like its also a gyro which I wouldn't want. But the a compact ducted fan build into the fuselage could result in some really nice aerodynamic designs. Props just feel dirty.
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    Simple pusher pseudo-jet

    I would love a thread for ducted jet-like aircraft.
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    Raptor Composite Aircraft

    There is absolutely nothing requiring him to pay anything back to those who submitted deposits. Haha. He's already burned most (if not all) of the money anyway.
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    Quiet Flight

    Hey Molson, I do not claim to be a thermodynamic engineer but my gut tells me that design is going to result in back pressure IMMEDIATELY. The rotating flow is going to create a high pressure directed out from the center, so not much flow is going to go through the holes in the center. That...
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    Telescopic Wing Design

    The flying flapjack design is interesting but imo one of the ugliest things I've ever seen. Having some kind of lifting body would be cool however and probably help make this sort of design possible. I do think sticking to the kiss principal is probably best. Over complicate it and something...
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    Telescopic Wing Design

    Thats honestly kinda what I expected. But I've got some time before I have space and money to really begin anything so designing is where I am right now. Thanks for the link I'll have to check that one out! And thanks! I've been lurking for a few months but haven't created my own thread until today.
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    Telescopic Wing Design

    I've been thinking of some out of the box wing designs for am UL/LSA aircraft. Ideally I'd have an extremely low stall speed but low drag at cruise speed. I think some sort of hybrid wing design could accomplish this task. Here's a link I found thats close to my idea (for a larger aircraft but...
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    Thatcher CX7- All metal, plans build, side by side

    I like the look of it a lot. Do you have more specs? Whats the build time, overall cost? Whats the max gross weight? How much loading can the wings handle?
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    24 hp and 100 lbs? :/