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    Is it possible to make a foldable aircraft that could fit in a suitcase?

    Something the size of a cricri that you could fold and take home with you
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    Flying illegally!

    I know many (most) of you are Americans flaying under the part 103 ultralight rule but over here in Europe they really like papperwork. i'm not a big fan of that, i think flying is about freedom (within reason ofc). realistically what do i risk for flying an unregistered aircraft with no pilot...
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    Whats the theorical speed limit (Vne) of a fabric aircraft?

    If the whole fuslage and wings were covered in doped fabric.
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    Homemade Autopilot with a Raspberry/computer

    I was thinking about how nice it would be to have autopilot/auto stabilizer for long journeys. Garmin autopilots are too expencive for my taste. Has anyone done it? If not i'll start to build one myself from scratch.
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    Is it ok to tack weld with a stick then use oxy-acetyl to finish the job?

    I'm talking about 4130 cromo tubes
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    Using aluminum 2024 t3 as spars?

    I appologize if i'm posting this in the wrong section of the forum. i'v been stuck trying to figure out how to design a proper wood spar for few weeks now, i came to the conclusion that the material was too unpredictable for me and i just don't have the necessary "wood skills" to trust myself...
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    Can't figure out how to make a proper wing

    I'm curently trying to design a 2 seat high wing with struts. So far the welded cromoly tube chassi is almost complete but i'm having trouble with the wing. i want to use Douglass fir wood but the simulation results (Solidworks) are not reassuring and basically i can't get a wing strong enought...
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    Would you be interested in a 200 hp turboprop?

    If yes, how much would you be willing to spend to buy one?
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    Using a carbonfiber rectengular tube as a wing spar

    I was thinking of using Carbon fiber as spar for my project because its light and strong, sadly its also pretty **** pricy. i found some for a decent price on Alibaba but i don't know how reliable it is, it could be fake and i'll end up crashing like a bird poop on a windshield. could you adise...
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    Hello everyone, i'm new!

    My name is Merlin, i'm 32 and currently designing my first airplane, it is inspired by Milholland's Leagle Eagle but in two seat version. the idea is to build an airplane for under $3k that won't take me years to finish, it should take around 6 months to build. I have already completed the...