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    Drive gears for Lyc. 4cyl --13 tooth --same pitch as Mag gear.

    For more info see ebay # 260908586789
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    landing gear springs

    Die Springs are on sale @ Metalworking Tools - Drills, End Mills, Taps, Machines, Measuring Tools, Abrasives, Power Tools and MRO Supplies | Travers Tool jerry
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    Champion Spark plug cleaner

    Greetings, I’m trying to find a couple of bushings for my Champion Spark plug cleaner- (sandblaster)—The rubber donuts that seem to be the same size for all these Champions-(made by Oiljak mfg)---I’ve tried Google, Thomas register, A.S. & S. had parts a few years back, but don’t...
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    Knock sensor ??

    I have put some 10:1 comp.ratio pistons in my 314 cid Cont. GPU. I know some of the guys say an air cooled engine is too noisy to detect a knock, But I want something to look at. A few years ago Mick Myal(sp?) had a schematic for an amplifier/filter that used an automotive knock sensor. I lost...
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    HELP !! Does anyone have access to a Cont. O-470 series parts book??-(or IO-470, or GO-470 ) I am considering using some 627738 pistons , but I need to know the compression ratio they produce. ( I do not have one or I could measure the dome & calculate it myself.) but they list the C.R...
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    Can'ty get there from here

    Well, thought I had it made this eve.--got into wood construction, answered pietenpols question on mahog.ply, Then tried for the 6th or 7th time to read "johnny luvs biplanes" last post-4-20th I think. the little bottom box reads a buncha stuff, says "document done"---at which point my...