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  1. vortilon

    Harris 1 Geodetic

    Yep Thats the airplane and it is still in good condition and can't wait to fly it. I will keep you posted. Did anyone get to see the Vega I restored at Oshkosh this year? I wanted to be there but was in the hospital instead. I hope to fly the Harris there this year.
  2. vortilon

    Continental A-65

    Looking to buy around 3 to 4K mid time. anyone have one they can part with? Rick 520-971-0680
  3. vortilon

    Harris 1 Geodetic

    All wood with a geodetic fuse strong like bull. I am almost done with it having to repair the fuse from a ground loop by a previuos owner. I need a A-65 for it. anyone have one?
  4. vortilon

    Never alone with a drone...

    While driving from Tucson to Reno just last week and passing near Murcury Nev I looked to my right to see a RPV taking off. This thing was big and the thought that no human pilot was aboard was a very profound feeling of amazement and wonder. I don't like the idea of these things flying over our...
  5. vortilon


    Yeh I used my very old chain hoist to lift it. It was way up in the air and I was sweating bullets, it weighs close to one thousand pounds and is 42'. The thing just slide perfectly onto the attach fittings like socks on a rooster without a fight, not used to that! thanks for the kind words...
  6. vortilon

    Wingsuit guy finally lands...

    No worse than some of the Bozo's Ive seen flying aerobatics with sub standard equipment, beleive me more common than you would like to think and even at airshows.
  7. vortilon


    wing where it belongs
  8. vortilon


    yep it is the only one left, and will be the only flying Vega.
  9. vortilon


  10. vortilon

    Who needs composites for compound curves?

    That is one beautiful glider that looks so much prettier than any modern glider I have seen. But beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
  11. vortilon

    Harris 1 Geodetic

    Many moons ago a fella at our airport showed up with a really cute little yellow biplane called the Harris 1. I had a chance to buy it for 5k but did not. One of my mechanics bought it and promptly ground looped it after that I lost track of it because he gave the airframe away and kept the...
  12. vortilon

    Class III medical

    The medical required for a Commercial Drivers License should be all that is needed. You would not be going through these hoops. Ask yourself if driving a tanker full of gasoline or a school bus with 80 kids on board through down town LA is more of public risk than flying a bug smasher over it.
  13. vortilon

    Next project

    Hey Doug The owner has been dangling this carrot in front of me for years and he finally decided to have it done. I can say I feel darn privileged to be working on it. Rick
  14. vortilon

    Friend Passes Away

    No wonder the main stream media has said nothing
  15. vortilon

    Next project

    I agree, I wish I were the owner rather than the owner of the shop that is restoring it but I am very excited to be part of this project. It will be the only flying Vega.
  16. vortilon

    Next project

    Give those boys a cigar. One of the last built. Metal fuse
  17. vortilon

    Next project

    My next project. Starting this week :ban:
  18. vortilon

    Why the visual difference?

    In the eye of the beholder.
  19. vortilon

    What kind of landing gear do you prefer?

    Most all my time is in conventional gear. That is what I prefer and feel most comfortable with. Far more control and crosswind capable. Safer on unprepared surfaces.
  20. vortilon

    I'm sorry Dave

    I don't follow you. Too many flys in the ointment to point the finger at the pilots. First of all the black boxes were tampered with and by whom? Certainly not the pilots. Isn't that always the procedure sell the pilots out? If this FBW is so wonderful why did it allow the airplane to be flown...