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  1. K-Rigg

    Need something custom made?

    Post it up on and get vendors to bid on the project for you. No obligation and free to use for all! Sign up as a customer, vendor, or both. Thanks
  2. K-Rigg

    [SOLD] L-39 Drop Tanks and Pylons

    A set of drop tanks and pylons for a L-39. Really good shape, look new in create, have some scratches in paint and small dent or two. $10,000.00 PM for more details.
  3. K-Rigg

    Casa Jet Wings with Landing Gear

    I have two Casa Jet wings with retractable landing gear. Going to make tables and art projects out of them but was wondering if someone was needing them for a project, I would rather them used for what they are intended for.... to fly. PM for more info.
  4. K-Rigg

    New Toy

    Cant wait to get this up and running welding parts!
  5. K-Rigg

    BurnTables CNC Tables with Tracer Technology

    Tracer Technology allows a user to trace any part in to the software. Scan a part the size of your table. Non symmetrical parts made easy! Made in the USA! Buy a complete ready to run table from BurnTables for the price of some "kits". (512) 843-2621 Table sizes...
  6. K-Rigg

    Teaser Video
  7. K-Rigg

    Carbon Fiber Wrenches

    Neat idea, only weigh 6.7 oz for the set. CarbonLite Tools
  8. K-Rigg

    CNC WaterJet Tables by BurnTables

    Financing Available! All inclusive systems that include pump, cutting head, tank, table, etc. All you need is water, electricity and a drain to the table. Email or PM for pricing. 3/8" steel 1/2" granite
  9. K-Rigg

    CNC Plasma Cutting and routing turned on its Edge!

    BurnTables turns CNC Plasma and Routing on its Edge with the New 5x5 vertical table! Perfect addition to your shop or garage, have a 5x5 table in the corner of your garage where a cabinet would go. More info and video coming soon. Patent Pending.
  10. K-Rigg

    Small plane crash caught on video from inside cockpit

    Small plane crash caught on video from inside cockpit | The Sideshow - Yahoo! News
  11. K-Rigg

    CNC Tube Notching Attachment by BurnTables

    Attaches to any BurnTable CNC Plasma Table. Allows the use of table with out interfering with flat plate cutting. It is installed in a way that it allows the use of the length of the table. (On a 5x10 table, you can chuck up a 10' long piece of tube and cut the notch the end!) 3 jaw...
  12. K-Rigg

    Construction of Light Aircraft (1943)

  13. K-Rigg

    8'x20' Plasma CNC Table Build by BurnTables

    Being that this is a bigger table then we normally sell here at BurnTables, I think its worthy of a build thread. Specs: 8'x20' Cutting Area Hypertherm HSD 200 AMP Plasma Cutter End Legs Rails Randy says Hi!!
  14. K-Rigg

    CNC Plasma, Router, Torch Tables

    I have been a member here at Homebuilt for awhile and now we are building new CNC Plasma, Router, Torch Tables out of Hutto TX. Prices start at $6300.00 (512) 843-2621 Table sizes (cutting area): 2' x 4' 4' x 4' 4' x 8' 5' x 10' Custom sizes welcome Standard Features...
  15. K-Rigg


    1972 GRUMMAN YANKEE AA-1A • $22,500 obo TT 2120 with Engine Top Overhaul done at 1360 hours. Plane is flown regularly and has a new Aeromatic Adjustable Prop installed that allows for better climb and cruising performance. Auto Fuel STC, Oil Cooler, Dual Radios and Mode C Transponder...
  16. K-Rigg

    What antenna is this?

    what is this bar antenna for?
  17. K-Rigg

    What Jet engine to use?

    Ok i know this is by far the farthest out question but all i want is opinions. If you were going to build an airplane that holds four people, and has the performance of something like the Cirrus Jet, What jet engine would you use? If you were going to buy a surplus engine, which one would you...
  18. K-Rigg

    First F-35 to the Airforce

  19. K-Rigg

    Tool Question

    to get this flange in the picture around the prop (red arrow pointing to it) Will this tool do that flange? If not what will?
  20. K-Rigg

    Aeromatic Prop...Nice!!!

    I cant wait to get it on my airplane, thanks to Kent at Aeromatic... Ill post up how the Grumman does with the new prop when i get it installed.