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    Build log

    I was finally going to update my Vverhees Delta build log and realized I don't have permission to post in it. Could one of the mods help me with that. Brandon
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    Darkaero aircraft

    I was checking out the Darkaero aircraft yesterday at Oshkosh and decided to check out their website. On the home page of the website it flashes through some pictures, one of them being the internal structure of the wings. I can't figure out what they're thinking with the structure. To me they...
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    Vacuum bag layup process

    I noticed on the Raptor aircraft videos that their vacuum bagging process is two steps. The 1st step is the outer skin and the core. The 2nd step is the inner skin. On other videos I've seen most people seem to vacuum bag the outer skins, inner skins, and core all in one step. Is there a certain...
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    New diesel engine

    Have any of you guys seen this before? Looks pretty interesting. Kind of resembles the deltahawk. Sounds like they may be running it later this year.
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    Deuelly's Verhees Delta build

    So I'm finally getting started on the delta. I actually haven't had the plans long but a new baby has been my top priority for the last couple of weeks. Now that I've been able to sleep a little I decided to get a little work done. At first updates are probably going to be a little sporadic...
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    Plastic BT-15

    I was reading through the August 1, 1945 addition of Aero Digest today. In the magazine they have an article called “Development of Molded Fiber Glass for Primary Aircraft Structure”. In the article they fabricated parts for a BT-15 out of a glass-balsa sandwich. The article states that “The...