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    Homebuilt TIG

    The location of the circuit has escaped from my memory, If it returns, I'll answer you
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    Homebuilt TIG

    Do you still have the circuit schematic ??wassbiplaneattdsdotnet
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    Tig welding help

    Was this "insert" a whole replacement to the old lens & holder? I too have about a 10 yr old unit--2 buttons--darker & speed
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    Fuel injection for a 2300 c.c. Great Plains Engine?

    The old Bosch K-tronic fuel inj -(in spite of the name, was all mechanical) except the fuel pump it was used on VW, MB, Porsche,R.R. & others---the cast iron fuel/air meter unit -S.S. diaphragms in the gas measuring side--was bullet proof.-AIR MASS measurer auto corrected for altitude & temp...
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    Lycoming 4cyl flywheel

    I have an extra one like the one on my O290 GPU---one large pulley, coarse tooth,I think--would have to check. Jerry
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    Drive gears for Lyc. 4cyl --13 tooth --same pitch as Mag gear.

    For more info see ebay # 260908586789
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    Newbie Here

    Neat user name
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    landing gear springs

    Die Springs are on sale @ Metalworking Tools - Drills, End Mills, Taps, Machines, Measuring Tools, Abrasives, Power Tools and MRO Supplies | Travers Tool jerry
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    Continental PE90 HP ????

    Most of the current series of PE engines are made from the old Cont. E-185-200-225 series using most of the internal parts. The Pe-90 was 4 cyl-314 cid, the PE 150 was 6 cy -470 cid. I think there were a few PE 200's 8 cyl-628 cid---The HP ratings were for 1,800 RPM. The top intake manifold is...
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    Need source for retract cylinders

    My '65 Lincoln uses 2 for the top mechanism----I noticed they're the same as some hospital beds of that era. I flushed out the old brake fluid & replaced with silicone brake fluid..Jerry
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    Corvair turbo engine ...

    Yes, I built one about 20 years ago--used one turbo from a v-8 diesel city bus--one 0f two installed -one per side.. Had to make a carbon face seal in order to feed gas/air mix thru turbo (original turbo was air only) I believe robert Finch also designed one in one of his books.--My Corvair...
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    Need source for retract cylinders

    Try these guys---
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    How sharp are most trailing edges?

    A very good dissertation on the subject by Barnaby Wainfan in the December issues of Kitplanes '91 & '06---Jerry
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    4 Cylinder Continental GPU's,..Two of them..And Pretty Cheap.!!

    Yes, you'll need another mag gear, and the flanged stub shaft that the gear rotates on, then carefully drill the oil hole from the stub shaft hole to the main oil gallery on that side-just don't drill too far,like I did, or you'll have to tap and plug the end of the hole that sees daylight. Of...
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    Flame Spray

    I played with my set-up 10 or 15 years ago--Takes a LOT of Acetylene & Oxygen & some compressed air. I think the air was just used to run a turbine geared down real slow to feed the wire you used for spraying.. Seems like it sticks best to a fresh sandblasted surface---I tried brass. and...
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    Cog Belt Rotary

    to: cootflyer---My apologies, got my emissions acronyms mixed up with the Fuel injection abbreviations---Jerry
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    Cog Belt Rotary

    What's NOS---NEW OLD STOCK ?? Nitrous Oxide=NOX
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    Alumimum leaf landing gear

    Laminated landing gear: Say you make a one-piece Aluminum gear(spring) 1" thick and it supports 2,000 lbs before permanent bending sets in. Now make the same size gear out of two ½' layers---each layer will support only 500 lbs, or 1,000 lbs for the pair--and it will deflect much more also...
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    Simpler sandbag testing?

    Forgot who said it---but--- Aircraft design is 90% educated guesses, worked out to four decimal places." Jerry
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    PSRU for Corvair

    I have a gear reduction unit for a corvair--I was gonna use it on a plane, but then a friend gave me a Lyc O-290----I had built up a real good vair with the 140 heads--I was getting 113 HP at 1300 ft alt & warm day.---turning a 69" or 72" prop---should really drive an airboat if it's not too...