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    Concepts only: Doodles without numbers

    I know the OP said no numbers, but I have a hard time without them. This is my latest project. Brandon
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    What did you do on your airplane project today?

    I've got most the fill work done on the bottom of the Dragonfly canard. Then I sprayed it all one color so it was easier to see what was left. Once this is finalized, all the major fill work is complete. On the big project I've got the hydraulic lines finished out to the gear legs. Hopefully...
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    how much bondo?

    The P-40 blueprints call for a compound made by Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company (3M). I haven't looked in quite a while but I believe the P-51 uses the same. Brandon
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    how much bondo?

    In the Curtiss Helldiver I'm currently restoring there is filler in the original wing wreckage. All four of the Curtiss P-40s I've restored have had filler in the wings where the skins overlap. It's also called out in the blueprints. The P-51 has filler that is called out in the blueprints and...
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    How would you win the Sport Racing class/why am I wrong?

    When you're running 2 to 2.5 times the horsepower of the leaders in the class it probably wouldn't matter to much if your fuselage was narrower. Brandon
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    What Lycoming Engine Do I Have... Standard/ Wide Flange??

    There are two types of valve trains on the common Lycoming engines. Parallel valve(upper two pictures in your attachment), and angle valve(bottom two pictures). The two types of cylinder flanges are commonly referred to as narrow deck(standard) and wide deck. Looking at your serial number I'd...
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    New Time to Climb Record

    He's talking about the link inside the link. The editor of his post should have corrected it for clarity. :D Brandon
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    Fraudulent License?

    Now I have to go dig my TI-99 out of storage. Brandon
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    New Sonex High Wing Design

    It was hinted at a few days ago. Glad they announced something so quick. Brandon
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    Carbon Fiber / Aluminum corrosion insulation

    I could be wrong, but I believe the carbon fiber panels SteinAir does are just aluminum panels covered in graphite patterned vinyl. Also, isn't the CH750 aluminum and not tube frame? Brandon
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    10/23 Raptor Video

    Better question, how much investor money? Brandon
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    Teardrop Pattern Entry

    9.9.3 An overhead approach is normally performed by aerobatic or high-performance aircraft and involves a quick 180-degree turn and descent at the approach end of the runway before turning to land (described in the AIM, paragraph 5-4-27, Overhead Approach Maneuvers). 5-4-27. Overhead...
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    what can be logged toward repairman cert or A & P?

    I'm sorry. I thought you were going off about apprenticeship and school requirements by the FAA. I also thought you were saying you wished there was an easier way for owners to work on there own certified aircraft. I'm glad you weren't. Could you imagine some Idiot with limited training and...
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    what can be logged toward repairman cert or A & P?

    A guy has been doing surgery on himself for years. He's even cut himself open pulled his guts out. Shortened them by four feet, put them back in and lived. He goes to the state and says "I taught myself how to do surgery, I want a medical license". Now, should they give him a license so he can...
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    10/23 Raptor Video

    It looks like at the most he might have made around $2,500 a year, but I would imagine less. Brandon
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    Experimental (ELSA / E-AB) No Longer Allowed for Flight Training??

    Remember, the FAA consider "generating goodwill" compensation. Any flight you or the pilot enjoy is illegal. The main takeaway is stay unhappy whenever you fly and you'll be OK. Brandon From post #226 The FAA alleged volunteer instructors received compensation by “accumulating flight time”...
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    Van's announces highwing RV-15

    Every back country pilot I talk to is trying to figure out how to get more power out of the engine they have. I think the 912/915 option would be starting at a disadvantage. That's why Just Aircraft has a big engine option now. Brandon
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    Van's announces highwing RV-15

    Unless it's a four place. Then, one is four to many. Brandon
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    Van's announces highwing RV-15

    Actually, probably more like trade material. For when the plane brakes down in the back country and you need parts. Brandon