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  1. vortilon

    Continental A-65

    Looking to buy around 3 to 4K mid time. anyone have one they can part with? Rick 520-971-0680
  2. vortilon

    Harris 1 Geodetic

    All wood with a geodetic fuse strong like bull. I am almost done with it having to repair the fuse from a ground loop by a previuos owner. I need a A-65 for it. anyone have one?
  3. vortilon


  4. vortilon

    Harris 1 Geodetic

    Many moons ago a fella at our airport showed up with a really cute little yellow biplane called the Harris 1. I had a chance to buy it for 5k but did not. One of my mechanics bought it and promptly ground looped it after that I lost track of it because he gave the airframe away and kept the...
  5. vortilon

    Next project

    My next project. Starting this week :ban:
  6. vortilon

    I'm sorry Dave

    Well the computerized fly by wire cockpit has done it again. Dips and Surges in power. Both Engines Failed on Cathay Jet - Read some of this nonsense about pushing the throttles to the TOGA position and the computer say's sorry...
  7. vortilon

    Cleveland wheels and brakes

    Hello all I have a set of 40-1 with 30-1 brakes for sale on e-bay. I put alot of labor and parts into these. They are for a Debonair 35-33 and might work on a homebuilt just fine. Cleveland/Beechcraft Wheels & Brakes 40-1 For 35-33 : eBay Motors (item 150430395464 end time Apr-10-10 20:08:53 PDT)
  8. vortilon

    New Toy

    Singer Made In USA bullet proof.
  9. vortilon

    The pointless destruction goes on.

    For those that have looked at my web site know I've been involved in the resurrection of a Beech Starship or two. The pointless destruction of Starships started awhile ago when Raytheon bought Beech. They have had it in for this aircraft all along. They went to Rutan's facility and mindlessly...
  10. vortilon

    Fly American

    If you have to fly commercial then Fly American Airlines for they are still doing all their maintenance right here in the USA. Of course they are being punished for this by being at the door step of the FAA. It's soo much easier to walk across the street than too fly to South America. I often...
  11. vortilon

    cactus 2010

    pics enjoy
  12. vortilon

    Fun Police

    A controller at JFK brought his child to work and let the child talk on the radio and give clearances. The media somehow got a hold of this and now he and the supervisor are suspended. The child had rehearsed this stuff with the dad and sounded very professional and the pilots loved it. The...
  13. vortilon

    Remember this book?

    I still get a kick out of this book.
  14. vortilon

    Heres George Jetson

    Wait till the cops get these, look out bad guys no where to hide. Hexacopter - Hack a Day
  15. vortilon

    This has to be the best

    Best documentary of Lindberg I have ever seen, and footage most have never seen. Watch it from part 1 on. You won't be disappointed. Airport & Aviation Appraisals, Inc. :: "When the Job Requires a Special Purpose Product"
  16. vortilon


    I have never seen this many mustangs in one spot. Truly makes one appreciate ones country and heroes. Picasa Web Albums - Mark - Iwo Jima
  17. vortilon

    Great Product!!

    We all need this from time to time Picasa Web Albums - David - engine starti...
  18. vortilon

    Good resource

    This is a great resource for fastener standard sheets and it is free. Google Image Result for
  19. vortilon


    My project will be skinned with .020 T3 attaching to .020 T3 ribs. I have been agonizing over the dimpling process because of the limited flange width of the rib caps. I was thinking of just using button heads. I have done considerable work on aircraft that had back shot rivets and shaved heads...
  20. vortilon

    Ralph Johnson

    Aviation Pioneer dies age 103 Wyoming Tribune Eagle Online : Aviation pioneer dies at age 103