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    Hello everyone, Been reading the other posts, so here I am. I was born and lived for 20-yrs in Minnesota, land of lots of lakes. Loved it there, hope to go back someday. Planes (mostly float and seaplanes) were all around me during those years. I loved it. Never flew myself, but got lots...
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    Designing to fly in Ground Effect

    I am looking for information about aircraft that fly within Ground Effects. Several years ago I was given an article about the science of flying in ground effects. The process allowed fairly heavy aircraft to fly within this envelope. Does anyone out there know of any web sites that might...
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    new member

    :) Would just like to say how great it is to have been asked to join this site! Though I don't currently have any real aircraft projects of my own, I hope to have one someday. I have been a newsletter editor to EAA Chapter #225 of Rochester, NH nearly continuously since 1985. I am also...