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  1. J

    Who supplies instruments XIH4.0018

    My (Hungarian built) 912-powered plane uses instruments like XIH4.0018 (CHT), XIH4.0010 (oil temp) XIE4.007 (oil pressure) I should now like to add a CHT gauge and of course I want it to be identical to the one already present. I can find only one importer/distributor, that is German company...
  2. J

    Bonding Dacron to Aluminium

    I have a factory built machine* with alu wing ribs covered in Dacron (or Ceconite , isn't that another trade mark for essentially the same stuff?). On the port root rib, the dacron is getting loose from the alu and I wonder how to fix it.** I have some little experience in epoxy work so my...
  3. J

    Shock-reducing foam fo the seats / back rests

    I seem to remember the commercial availability of special foam for covering aeroplane seats and backrests, that much absorb the shock energy and thus reduce the risk for damage to the spine (and other parts) in case of collision/crash. Only I can't remember the name, nor do I seem to use the...
  4. J

    Beginner's welding equipment

    Knowing next to nothing about welding, I am considering to set up a modest welding workshop but have very basic questions. The goal is NOT to weld primary aircraft parts, at the very most some non-essential components. Rather, I want to weld mild steel profiles, U's and L's and all that, like...
  5. J

    Poor man's Seawind

    Having seen the Seawind in the [[Amphi-Camper]] thread, I find it much like the design I have been looking for. Only, I don't have the budget for a 200 HP engine, but luckily neither the requirement to carry four people. Does there exist a design of more or less the same concept, but with...
  6. J

    RSA experimental fly-in (France)

    Some of my photography: RSA Vichy 2014 - Imgur for some general impressions L'Agrion - Imgur for the plane that interested me most there, the builder claimed an empty weight of a bare 63 kg! Funnily it looks like a "conventional" chromoly tube frame, the tubes are however carbon fibre. Also...
  7. J

    Scaling formulae

    Given a certain design, with known dimensions, weights (empty & max gross), engine power, and performance. Now imagine I build that same plane with all dimensions half as large again, i.e. 150% lengthwise. What happens to the other parameters? Empty weight should begin by going "times eight"...
  8. J

    De Monge 7.5

    Opinions on this design from +/- 1925? It reminds of Mr. Burnelli's ideas... Sorry I couldn't get the image any bigger The figures: Engines 2 x Bugatti Brescia 1500 cc Gross weight 700 kg Wing surface 21 m2 Wing loading 33 kg/m2 Power loading 7,7 kg/hp (which makes the engines 45 HP each)...