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    Continental A80-8

    An old timer who knew those engines from when they were new said that the A-80's were bad about burning holes in the pistons. They were running 73 octane fuel or less in those days so I would suspect that they had preignition and that you wouldn't get it with today's fuel. I'd be tempted to try...
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    Wanted to purchase: Fluid Dynamic Drag- Hoerner

    Not for sale but I have to brag about my copy of "Fluid Dynamic Drag" that was given to me by a friend of my father's. Correspondence with Dr-Ing Hoerner was stuffed into the book including a letter replying to some questions. He says that wingtips are better than endplates and he recommends the...
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    Bolt holes, burr and fatigue life effects

    That's a good shop briefing. Regarding cold worked holes, ASTM Special Technical Publication 610-EB has a study on how in addition to the beneficial compressive stress at the hole surface of a cold worked hole, there are tensile stresses a short distance away from the hole which may increase...
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    Bolt holes, burr and fatigue life effects

    I've seen one study that found stress corrosion after holes in 7075-T6 were cold worked. Not a problem with over-aged tempers but better be careful with the old standbys like 2024-T3/-T4. The WWII production philosophy got passed on to a lot of guys who came into the business during the...
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    Video series on TIG welding thin wall aircraft tubing

    My father went through A&E school at Spartan in 1951 when all they learned was O/A welding. After he finished the welding class, he got a part-time job in the mod/repair division doing weld repairs on B-17 exhaust heat muffs. Even an inexperienced welder can O/A weld stainless if he's taught to...
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    Little Toot

    Little Toot wasn't designed as a Pitts substitute. George Meyer was a big man and built the airplane big enough for himself. George was a master builder but not highly experienced as a pilot and made an airplane that a Cessna 140 pilot could jump into and fly. He also built it as stout as the...
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    Bolt holes, burr and fatigue life effects

    I had a boss who had been an AE student when he got a job as a draftsman. He couldn't manage working and going to school at the same time so he dropped out. At that time, they didn't have any problem with promoting draftsmen to design engineers and he finished up his career as an engineering...
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    Bolt holes, burr and fatigue life effects

    Doing mod & repair work on large transport aircraft, a lot of poor workmanship would be uncovered as structure was disassembled. Someone remarked that instead of analyzing for a "rogue flaw" that was a .010" long crack in a fastener hole, we should assume that the rogue flaw was a large chisel...
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    Green zinc chromate primer as final finish

    Zinc chromate primer provides great corrosion protection because of the chromates. The chromates are depleted by exposure to moisture so a topcoat over the primer will provide the best protection by minimizing chromate depletion. How fast will the chromates be depleted? The USAF paid for a study...
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    Long term integrity of resorcinol glue

    Working on a 1941 Culver Cadet, the casein glue joints were in good condition except in spots where it was possible for water to collect. The problem is: how certain are you that you can inspect every fractional square inch of every glue joint? When wood aircraft were commonly stored outside in...
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    BF109 G4 scratch build 1/1 scale

    Quite a few years ago, former slave laborers were trying to get compensation from Mitsubishi. Mitsubishi said "We're not the same corporation that existed during WWII. We just happen to have the same name and all the same facilities." I wouldn't be surprised if their lawyers told them to never...
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    Boeing - Design Issues... Dilbert reveals how the 737 Max got to where it is.
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    Boeing - Design Issues...

    No matter how good a management selection or quality program is, large corporations will manage to misapply it so that it no longer works. My employer adopted a management selection program where openings are posted on-line and all applicants are interviewed by a selection board. When asked how...
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    Boeing - Design Issues...

    Boeing seems to have become the model for the industry. At my employer, a manager who had come up the old way, by being a good engineer who was selected by his bosses to be groomed for management, commented about another manager whom he had worked with when they were both newly hired engineers...
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    Authentic Paint for WWII Mustangs / Restorations / Replicas

    Nitrocellulose lacquer with aluminum powder was the standard in the 1930's-40's. I don't know if any might be available through antique car suppliers but generally what you buy today is acrylic lacquer.
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    Sealant between aluminum

    Over the first 20 years of C-130 production/service, Lockheed learned a lot about corrosion protection. Metal parts should be primed and faying surfaces sealed, preferably with a corrosion inhibiting sealant that contains dichromate. Fasteners are coated with sealant before being installed. This...
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    tinwind airplane

    That's Jeanie next to the Tinwind.
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    Three blade, 64 inch diameter, Warp Drive prop with bolt pattern for Continental O-200 or Franklin Sport 4 engines. $500
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    WarpDrive 3-blade prop

    Warp Drive model 64R-3 prop, ground run only. Bolt pattern for Continental. $500.
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    Warnke Propeller

    Unused Warnke wood propeller for Continental O-200, 64" diameter, 62" pitch. $700 includes shipping within USA.