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    What could be done to reinvent the Affordaplane to a more homogeneous project?

    So I assume what you mean is you aren't going to attach the landing gear where you got them now right? Otherwise you taken a half-bad design and made it 100% bad. The beef i have with the original is that there is no good load path for the landing gear into the fuselage - especially if an...
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    Fisher Flying Products to spin off company offering electric propulsion system for the light plane market, starting at $10,000 for 25kW

    I'm thinking carbon dragon + 20% wing area and 50lb for self-launching. Could start with a bungee cord launch and 3-5 minute climb with 2 minute reserve. My guess is 15 HP would get the job done. The Archaeopteryx EV is 51 lb. I don't really think motor glider exactly, but more of a self-launch...
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    What could be done to reinvent the Affordaplane to a more homogeneous project?

    In all the cars mentions of other aircraft ALL are no where near ultralight territory. Furthermore, just because something will fly doesn't make it safe, and especially in this case legal. I don't hate the concept, but nuts and bolts are heavy. If the landing gear issue is fixed, and that is a...
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    Fisher Flying Products Announces New Electric Propulsion Systems

    Motor gliders might work with a 15-20 self-launch. Batteries are still WAY too heavy. I'm thinking carbon dragon with an up-scaled wing, and battery pack like the Archaeopteryx; 10-15 minutes to launch and 5 minutes reserve. The battery pack, motor, and hardware are around 50lb.
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    What could be done to reinvent the Affordaplane to a more homogeneous project?

    Nearly two year old thread about a plane not a single structural analyst in the world would get into, and people still bent on building one. Why? Make sure you have a ballistic chute, and that your life insurance is paid up. But, if you real must -- move the aft landing gear support to a...
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    Valley Engineering's new ultralight

    There's not really a good angle you can look at that! It hurts my eye from EVERY angle!:shock:
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    I'm in deep deep deep ****!

    Most aircraft these days don't use clad but bare. I've been doing stress work for 30 years and have yet to use clad material! Maybe bate might be easier to find. BTW I worked at KAI for 6 years the last time and 1 1/2 years another time! I saw a couple of parasails but the general aviation...
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    Anyone made a 1/2 VW with both cyls on one side?

    Old thread, but I thought I would add that my 1963 FIAT 500 has a 2 cylinder engine with both cylinders on one side that that fires ever other rev. It has an [relatively] enormous counter-weight to help smooth it out. It make, on a good day 17.5 HP... Another in-line twin is the Kawasaki...
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    Who's an expert on Kolb aircraft!

    His toes aren't blue, they're just painted that way!
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    4 stroke Alternatives: Kawasaki KVF / Weber 850 ???

    How about a Suzuki 650 single? I thought doing a cycle car with one of these might be cool. Seems like it might also do for an aero engine but the 650 single might vibrate a little too much. BMW twin?
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    Searching for plans of the Aerotique Parasol!

    I do structural analysis for a living. At one point, I believe before the test, I tried to inject some suggestions on how to do a simple test. At that time no test had been done and I was basically harangued out of the group by some *ssh*le that didn't know the first thing about structural...
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    Alaskan Ultralgiht Plan... is it possible???

    I think you are on the right track with the LSA. One of my high school buddies was killed flying in Alaska and he was a professional pilot. I would put emphasis on airframe robustness, high lift, and load-carrying capability. I also second the zenith aircraft and in particular the CH750 which I...
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    Wing strut attach fitting problem

    So, this appears to be a perennial problem with clevice-type joints. If the two parts rotate relative to each other then you don't want to tighten them down with pre-load. If the clevice tangs are long and thin and the tolerence between the clevice and the lug small then you can get away with...
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    Searching for plans of the Aerotique Parasol!

    Not only that, but for me the TX parasol is pretty primative and no one over there (Yahoo group) seemed interested at all with regard to testing, so I would look at something else. Fisher, I think, made a little parasol as well. Are you saying they are out of business?
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    New U/L Manufacturer

    seriously, the thread should have stayed dead Friend shouldn't let friends fly ugly It was doomed from the git-go based on looks alone.
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    Free Minimax plans now up and running

    Actually, I missed it the first time around and just downloaded some plans so thanks Armilite!:ban:
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    Valley Engineering's new ultralight

    I hate when I type something on the mobile and it's lost and I get to do it again. 6061 is perfectly suitable for ultrlights and lighter-weight home-built aircraft. With regard to using clad material, I haven't analyzed a clad part in my entire 30 year career. I guess the thinking is that...
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    Valley Engineering's new ultralight

    I work mostly for the big companies, so I see very little tube, and none of it 6061 -- it's just not that good and would add too much weight, and weight is money. You need to get out a Mil-HDBK-XX and read some (replaces by MMPDS0X). Years ago (maybe 25+) some early 7075-T6 alloys had some...
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    Valley Engineering's new ultralight

    Of course there are exceptions to the local hardening and 6061 [as well as 5052] is [are] one of them. Still, compared to most 'structural' aluminums 6061 is at the bottom of the heap. I think I saw it used one time many years ago, but we rarely use is in commercial, or military aircraft. I...
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    Valley Engineering's new ultralight

    The example you have given is for a static failure whereas generally the problem with welding aluminum is that it causes hardening just outside the weld zone which causes a fatigue problem. So, it's not the static strength that is at issue here but rather fatigue; so, even if the welded joint is...