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    Composit parts connections to aluminum frame

    I'd really like to know how they handled thermal expansion issues when using aluminum ribs with carbon fiber spars and wing skins.
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    Woman Allegedly Hacked Flight School, Cleared Planes With Maintenance Issues To Fly

    The "hack" was that she had the management password for the scheduling system. It might even have been her own that wasn't removed from the system. That's not scary, that's everyday password laxity, happens at thousands of companies. It's not like flight schools can afford an IT department...
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    Woman Allegedly Hacked Flight School, Cleared Planes With Maintenance Issues To Fly

    Not scary at all, actually. An aircraft in for maintenance could not be checked out or flown, because if you read the article, what she deleted was: The entire schedule and blocked out all the instructors and pilots for the next day The aircraft information for all 12 planes including make...
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    Hummel Bird

    The plans do not give that dimension. The main gear axle is 6.5" behind the front surface of the spar. By my calculations (the plans don't have this dimension either), the nosewheel axle should be 5.75" in front of the firewall. The front spar is located by clamping a rib to the front and rear...
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    Hummel Bird

    Outside of the tire to outside of tire on mine is 77.5". Might vary a bit with different constructions, my gear was built mostly to plans, except I bought the Tracy O'Brien hydraulic brakes/axle/receiver and welded it in. Looking at the plans, for some reason the tricycle gear mains have axles...
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    Hummel Bird

    The gear legs are very different from taildragger to tricycle. Tricycle gear are at a 13 degree angle behind the spar, taildragger are 26.4 degrees to the front, the through bolt and the bottom mounting plate will be at the wrong angle if you flip them. In addition, the vertical stabilizer spar...
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    Airplane Wanted Wanted - Quickie Q1 Project

    How much did the 18/22hp Onan engine weigh? Is a 1/2 VW an acceptable substitute, or is it way too heavy at 85 lbs?
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    Crashes in the News - Thread

    T45 crash in Fort Worth:
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    Missing airframe parts, legal to fly?

    Since you asked questions that start with "Is it legal...", it sounds exactly like you have a need for one. I know a few. They say that for $100 or more per hour, they can answer your questions, same as every other lawyer you're going to find. Otherwise, you're faced with the answers of...
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    Dash/Breaker Labeling

    You can get these 2 tone engraving plates and either CNC cut or laser whatever labels you like. We use them (or a similar product) at work to label equipment. I'm guessing there's a company who will make them for you, don't...
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    Rubber Discs for Shock Strut

    You need to know what scale that 30-40 durometer is in. That could either be gel, a pencil eraser, or a shoe heel hardness depending if it's Shore 00, A, or D scales. While I'm sure it's not gel-soft, either of the other two are possible. What diameter, if there's a hole in the middle, what...
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    Seawind 3000 Safety issues

    It looks too narrow to be a side-by-side, I'd say a Citabria because of the square fin, but they only have a single mounting point for the gear and that plane has two like a Cub. EDIT: I just looked at some pictures, until now I didn't realize the curved top of the tail on a Cub was all rudder...
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    It's the "last flown 2 years ago" part that would worry me. Could be ok, could be a maintenance nightmare. Probably priced appropriately for that gamble.
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    Fraudulent License?

    This whole thread is a joke. It should have been titled "Help me get revenge through the FAA", and posted on one of the nastier sections of Reddit. So, so much partial information, many hypotheticals, and repeated efforts to convince that this is some sort of altruistic fraud investigation...
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    Stupid Question:

    If you want to register a plane as an E-LSA, then there are specific rules about the construction of a kit (and it must be a kit) and no variations in configuration are allowed. If you want to build a plane that meets the LSA limitations and can be flown with a Sport Pilot certificate, but is...
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    The further away the projection gets from your eye, the more difficult keeping an infinity-focused HUD correctly in view gets. Probably the easiest solutions would be based on one of the augmented reality glasses. (Augmented reality differs from virtual reality in that virtual reality is a...
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    Fraudulent License?

    I'm guessing the "mystery", might exist, might not exist A&P may also be the test pilot from the crashed flight. There's definitely a retribution aspect to this nonsense. Also, no need to break out the old Commodore 64 or Atari 800XL: Zork I: The Great Underground Empire | Play game online!
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    Why Jets fly high and propellers can't keep up

    That's nonsense. Helicopters work by simple Newtonian physics, they continually throw money at the ground until the weight of the money is greater than the weight of the helicopter. Propeller planes throw money at the wings, they only fly if you use enough money and more goes under the wings...
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    I've been sitting on this one a few days, trying to work out money, time and where to keep it, but wasn't successful. No affiliation, but it looks to be a smoking deal though.
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    Crashes in the News - Thread

    I'm done feeding the troll. Good luck in life, you'll need it.