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  1. nickec

    Possibly Interesting Pultruded Material
  2. nickec

    OpenVSP Ground School At the link above you can find tutorials for OpenVSP. A parametric sketchpad for aircraft design. It is freeware supported by tax dollars which just keeps getting better - more powerful all the time. Many questions often posted to this forum can be answered by...
  3. nickec

    DA-11 no longer in Midland Museum.

    Received email informing Davis gem has gone to unknown location. Anyone know where?
  4. nickec

    22 hp 525 dollars

    Finally. The people who make Predator Engines, those inexpensive models sold at Harbor Freight, are supplying a 670 cc v-twin. If only they had opted for the slightly smaller block which is used for 18 hp to 20 hp, or so. Such a lighter engine is what Leeon Davis used in the DA-11. I...
  5. nickec

    Routing Out All Your Aluminum Ribs *Without* Welding Them Together

    Playing around with a router to make aluminum ribs, from 6061T6 .020 sheet, I got a notion: Might I make all my constant chord wing ribs in a single pass? Knowing that people often encountered challenges with multiple blanks welding together while being routed out I decided to experiment - I...
  6. nickec

    Simpler Speedpants

    See the link below. Simpler Speedpants.
  7. nickec

    Characteristics of a straight-wing, tailless model in the Langley free-flight tunnel

    Determination of the stability and control characteristics of a straight-wing, tailless fighter-airplane model in the Langley free-flight tunnel Inspired by the above document, I plan to use this thread to describe a very light, very small, all metal aircraft. The design will attempt to...