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    christavia MK-1 AND MK-4 plans, free to good home

    All gone. Thanks for the interest.
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    christavia MK-1 AND MK-4 plans, free to good home

    Come get them and all of the stuff. Have pics. Don't want to throw away, its got to go.
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    Christavia MK1 AND MK4 plans for sale

    I have been too busy to even touch them since 2011. So, I have decided to sell. MK4 is plans only. I have most of the MK1 wooden wing components cut out and ready to glue. Have wing rib jig. also have gussets and nose blocks ready to cut. IF you had the metal components and some spars...
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    80% finished Christavia MK1

    Hi, is the MK1 still available? I am in the market for a partially finished one. What is the price? Thanks. James Douthit
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    The truth about me.

    wondrous mountain, welcome. if you think talking airplanes will help you find yourself, stay tuned. Otherwise, pick up a used copy of The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy and report back when you finish it. rock on. jod
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    Mong Sport Biplane

    did you sell it?
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    Christavia MK1

    did you sell your Christavia kit? thanks. James
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    Can someone recommend a beginner's plane?

    I was afraid you would say that. Who would I ask about whether or not you could use Champ/Chief wings and adapt the Christavia fuselage to accept them? I can get a set of wings cheap and that would give me more time to scratch my head about the other issues...
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    Cheaper Aircraft

    Have you looked into the Christavia MK1? 65 hp, t-shirt and coat hangar construction.... I am thinking about building one and I think it will be relatively cheap.
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    Can someone recommend a beginner's plane?

    Hey, I am jumping in here. I have been considering building a Christavia Mk1, which is like a comfortable Champ. I ordered the info kit from Aircraft Spruce and have been looking that over. There are many claims that these aircraft are safe, easy to build, and run on 65 hp. I know it has...