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    Restricted areas times and altitudes

    Hi Guys, Covid has prevented me from visiting the USA for two years now and I was doing some flight planning to refresh my brain. It occurred to me that my preferred flight planning App doesn't have any way to lookup the active times or altitudes for restricted areas. Google was spectacularly...
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    O-100-- interesting new engine

    Very sad news. I was never in the market for either an O-100 or a CrackerJack, but that didn't stop me cheering him on from the side lines. We need more Pete Plumb's. He is going to go down as one of my aviation heros. Best wishes to all his friends and family. Grelly
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    Lets talk about diesels.

    There are others too in the opposed piston diesel arena. Mostly with no updates for years. Dair, and Weslake for a start. I have been particularly disappointed that Superior Airparts haven't made more progress with the Gemini.
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    Electric SSDR Motor Glider

    Just a couple of thoughts... Another airframe you might want to look at for inspiration is the Europa aircraft. In its monowheel form, the outriggers are fixed to the flaps. So flaps up there is a measure of stream lining. Flaps (and outriggers) down for landing. The limitations of a...
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    Lowest cost AHRS EFIS/6 pack replacement?

    I'm not sure if they are available in the USA, but Kanardia Horis is in that ballpark.
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    How wide for a side-by-side?

    For those wanted to transport 8x4 sheets, I have seen a few designs with a cargo pod strapped to the belly. The Comp Air 8, for example. It's an idea.
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    How wide for a side-by-side?

    If you are designing something, you could always stagger the two seats enough that shoulders, elbows and hips don't need the same space. To answer your question, I guess I am about medium width-wise and I find a C172 adequate. So 42 inches would be my design goal.
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    O-100-- interesting new engine

    Excellent. Well done Pete & team.
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    language advice from my European friends

    Most European countries teach English as a second language if not the first, so you can get quite a long way without knowing the local language at all. However, a few words shows willing and is usually appreciated even if they give up and use English in the next sentence. I would say the top...
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    Single rotor turbo diesel rotary

    Nice to have you back cr. How are your own projects going? I miss your reports.
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    Lightweight compact diesel engine , 4 strokes

    Pilot Magazine in the UK did a round-up of diesel engines in this months' mag. Links to the manufacturers below:
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    O-100-- interesting new engine

    You're all wrong. The oldest saying in aviation has to be "Holy cr*p! It flies!"
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    O-100-- interesting new engine

    Have we got a status update? I think the last update on his website was about 18 months ago.
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    The K8J project

    Somehow I am very late to this thread, but had to chip in. I have many happy memories of flying the K family back in the late 70's, early 80's. I learnt to fly in K13's and K7's and graduated to K8's, K6's and K18's. I lost interest in gliding when the club I belonged to sold the last of...
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    Cheap ADS-B

    Interesting! I tried the Y-cable approach to try and extend the battery life. I noticed that it wasn't charging the phone and gave up. It didn't occur to me that it might be powering the Nano. I'll have to try it again and see if the tablet lasts longer.
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    Cheap ADS-B

    I just tried it and it certainly doesn't work. I'm not that bothered about weather, I don't usually do flights of sufficient duration that a pre-flight weather briefing doesn't cover it. I'm just a bit disappointed that they haven't got it working yet.
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    Cheap ADS-B

    I literally followed the advice in this link: The hardware: Dongle: OTG Cable...
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    Cheap ADS-B

    I have. I visit the USA for 1-2 weeks each year to fly my socks off. I use Avare when I'm in there because it's free :-) I have to say, for a free app, it's pretty darn good. A few things aren't as intuitive as I would like, but what can I say... It's free. I got interested in the $10 USB...
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    Is this the Privateer Orion was talking about?

    I'm glad they are still crediting Bill Husa (Orion) with the design. I tried to sneak a peek at it last November when I was in Florida, but no joy.