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    Unfinished Projects near Atlanta and Chattanooga

    I have two projects that need a good home, and finishing. The first is a covered fuselage for an Osprey I single seat amphibian. These were also known as the X-28. The plans are available for $150 from the original designer. With the fuselage I have control cables and retractable gear that...
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    Amphibious single seat wood fuselage, cheap

    In a group of aircraft parts that I just bought is a single seat, wood framed amphibious fuselage. I have no idea who designed it. The fuselage is 17' long at center line, 28.25" wide at the front wing spar, and 23.75" deep at the same point. It has retractable gear, though the tires are flat...
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    Hello from "stuck on the ground, but not for long".

    Hello to all: I grew up flying. My dad was a helicopter pilot in Vietnam and got his fixed wing license when he came home. I have flown all over the US in light planes. I owned and flew a T-bird II for a while until my divorce forced its sale. I have recently purchased the completed wings...