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    modern equivalent to doped canvas?

    apologies if this has been covered(!) elsewhere. not a UL, though maybe one day. i've built a stick kayak frame and am almost ready to cover it, mid-1960s plans say doped canvas. has technology advanced since then?
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    wood skills vs aluminum skills

    i'm fairly handy with wood, have built some plain and simple furniture and a kayak or two of wood and have a couple of nice tools, nothing really fancy, table saw, router, drills, sanders, that sort of thing. but after starting a couple of fuselages, i see that wood is very sensitive to the...
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    molt taylor micro-imp cd

    i sent them a letter: Mini-IMP Aircraft Company PO Box 2011, Weatherford, TX. 76086 Sir: I would like to purchase your Micro-Imp information CD. Please find enclosed check for $25. Thank you very much, fname lname #### Maine St. city ST zipcd and they sent me this: i do not believe...
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    Q: re building and lady of the house

    the LOTH keeps throwing up obstructions. year before last, we moved. i've nearly got my shop in working order, and now she wants to move again to a place with no shop, so i'd be starting from scratch again. so, the question is, do i divorce her? (joking, kinda).
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    started soaring lessons today

    scary but fun, instructor said i did well. planning to go again tomorrow. Eagleville Soaring | Welcome
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    N. Korean drones

    the two on the right look kind of interesting.
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    question re cutting scarfs

    i'm approaching the point where i start joining long thin pieces of wood, and scarf joints of 1:12 to 1:16 are the approved method. i have a good table saw and a skilsaw, but am having trouble wrapping my mind around how to cut a consistent and repeatable 3 or 4 foot slant on a two foot deep...
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    signing up for hang glider certification

    i'm about to make reservations at kitty hawk kites at nag's head, nc for their hang1 certification.:ban: they tell me the training costs $555, and takes 5 or six days. i understand that this is not really suitable training for sailplanes or powered flight, but i wanted to get my feet wet before...
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    how far between pusher prop and trailing edge?

    if i'm building a small u/l pusher with the prop center at wing level, is there a rule of thumb about how far the prop disk needs to be from the wing trailing edge?
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    local flyin: shelbyville, tn

    went (drove) to the local eaa fly-in this morning, an in among all the pipers and rvs and vari-eze (not that there's anything wrong with those) etc were two oddities: aeroprakt a-20 vista cruiser Aeroprakt A-20 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia and an apollo monsoon trike Apollo Monsoon...
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    weight-shift ul helicopter. stupid questions to follow.

    i know next to nothing about helicopters, and yes, i posted this video in another thread. i could not find anything else about it. there does appear to be a similar japanese model. he doesn't seem to get it out of ground effect so the actual utility of the thing is unclear. please bear with me...
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    vampire refuses to die. now in kit form?

    Welcome to Garland Aerospace Pty. Ltd. | Garland Aerospace Pty. Ltd.
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    appropriate for ultralight? worth the price?

    just got a local lead on a pull-start zenoah G25B-1 single cylinder 2-stroke, w/ prsu, prop and "parasail" (i suspect it's actually a PPC) for $800. good deal? appropriate for ultralight? there's a lot of "parasail" hardware that goes with this that doesn't particularly interest me, and i...
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    oh, no! eaa membership expiring!

    today i got my re-up invite, and if i sign on for 3 years, i save 3 whole dollars! and if that's not enough, they'll GIVE me a FREE flashlight! but seriously, i'm not sure i've gotten much out of my membership. don't get me wrong, i like pictures of p51s and b17s as much as the next guy, and...
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    jack harper's home depot airplane

    appears to be for sale (ebaymotors, i think), when i stumbled on it last night the hi bid was $810 it appears to be complete and living under a carport in winter park florida. tempting, though not in a sadler vampire kind of way. found it...
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    to pod, or not to pod? that is the question

    hypothetically speaking, let's say i have a far-103 compliant ultralight with about 30 lbs to spare. the pilot sits out in the open air, feet forward. does it make sense to skin a pod for this? it cleans up the aerodynamics, lowering drag, but increases weight. aside from the aesthetics and...
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    fresh meat

    hi guys! naturally as a kid i built (and destroyed) many a model rocket and airplane. in the 70s i did a little hang gliding and in the 80s rode motorcycles. now i drive a geo metro to work and something's missing. not that there's anything wrong with the metro, it's very good at what it does...