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    Lycoming 0235 C2C

    I have a very low time Lycoming 0235 that I purchased for a project I have sold. Call or Text me if interested and for more information. Nine 3 one six 3 nine Thirty 4 zero two.
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    I am interested in building a CH750. Mainly because I have a Lycoming 0235 C2C with 890 hours since new. If I was a little younger I would have started yesterday but not sure if at age 70 with an excellent RV3 if this is such a good idea. Any CH 750 builders out there with any advice on how big...
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    RV3 Tailwheel

    I wanted to mod my rv3 tailwheel to fix the problem of the low to ground tailspring. Rather than trying to cut and modify the original tailspring, I decided to go this route. Working great so far and I can convert back to original tailwheel in about 15 minutes.
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    I bought this RV-3 less engine about 4 years ago from original builder. He had flown it 200 hrs, lost medical and sold the 0320 then sold the airframe to me. I installed a newly overhauled 0235 C1 108hp and have flown it about 270 hours so far. It's my first tail dragger and I flew it with only...
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    New Sonex/Onex

    Does anyone who was at Oskosh have any pictures they could post of the new Onex folding wing single seater from Sonex? I think this will become a very popular aircraft and many others may be interested in the photo's. Thanks Jim Miller
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    New Member

    Just signed up a few minutes ago. Presently flying a Colt I rebuilt and in process of building a exp clipped-wing supercub using some Colt wings. The Cub is 75 to 80 % done. Bought a Spraker tack welded fuselage to start the project. I am 61 almost totally retired (Retired Navy Captain-Dentist...