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    Brake line fittings

    Is anyone familiar with the fittings in the attached picture. I need to change the length of the brake line so need to disconnect and reconnect these fittings but I don't know how they work. They are not such that they will take a wrench and pushing in on the "collar" does not seem to do...
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    Lift Strut and Cabane Strut loads

    The Pietenpol plans call out strut materials that are no longer available. Of course there are materials that have been “shown to work” as substitutes without failing but I don’t know that there has ever been an analysis done of the Piet struts. I am embarking on such an analysis for three...
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    Mass Balance of Ailerons

    I am in the final stages of construction of a pair of custom tapered wings for my RV-4. (To answer now what is likely to be inevitable questions: I contracted with a structural engineer to do a stress analysis/design but have not done any performance analysis - that will come in flight.) I...
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    Beam Theory - Billski can you elaborate here?

    I'm reading through Beam Theory and finding it an excellent description an ultra novice can follow. But then I came to this and it has me held up: ******* Bending – if we take a little section of the beam and put a bending moment on each end of the section, the little section of beam becomes...
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    Strut Braced Wings Pinned (or Not) at Fuselage

    I am reading "The Glider" by Stelio Frati due to recommendations on various threads here. On page 9-18 he states "It is very important that attachment between the wing, fuselage and strut is hinged. The next paragraph (where I'm looking for the why) he states "We will not look further into...
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    Tandem TEAM V-Max design

    I talked to Wayne Ison about a tandem V-Max (Volkswagen version of the MiniMax) about two decades or more ago. He said he had actually just finished drawings for a wing that would be about right for it and he sent me a copy of the drawings. It turns out that these were soon to be the Tandem...