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    Hauling Suggestion Needed

    Here's how I moved mine last fall. Just about 3 hour drive. Wings were not covered. That old Chevy is 16' long. The list from djmcfall is a good one, too. Joe
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    premix oil

    Jay W, my read on the Stihl High Performance ULTRA full Synthetic 2 stroke says flash point: 428 deg F. That ranks high on your list. What am I overlooking if it "isn't rated that highly" ?
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    Insight on Rebuilding Falcon UL

    Reo, I used 1.37 sp. gr. for the TVF. Water @ 62.4 #/ft^2 * 1.37 = 85.5#. 12" tall cube a ft square = 6000 sheets at .002". 85.5#/6000=.01425#=.23oz/ft^2. I used 144ft^2 per wing, 17 ft^2 canard, but nothing for the tape and forgot the rudders, too. Great info you provided. Way more than I've...
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    Insight on Rebuilding Falcon UL

    AMEN, VB. Full cover with Oratex and recoup more than enough weight penalty with the Polini.
  5. K

    Insight on Rebuilding Falcon UL

    reo12, what do you make of the guy on ebay that has Tedlar, located in Elkhart, IN? I'm looking to recover a Falcon UL, too. If my calcs are right, 0.002 Tedlar is 0.23oz/ft^2. Oratex 600 is 0.4 oz/ft^2 at 0.0047 thickness. Difference should be less that 2# total to cover the canard and wings...
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    Pterodactyl Building Manual

    mdante17, check your private messages. I can help with that manual. Joe
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    Insight on Rebuilding Falcon UL

    Just found a Falcon mfg 1985, last flown 1991 and stored since. Winds are complete with no damage I've found, but no Tedlar. Pod is intact except for crack at nose wheel attach. Rotax 277 will need rebuild but leaning to Polini anyway. It will take some work to clean it up and make flyable but...