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    BD4 Performance specs

    Hello Sam, I'm currently building a BD-4C kit. Before buying the kit, I went to Florida in 2019 and flew the factory plane. Two of us, 50 % fuel on an 85 deg day, we cruised at 165 Knots TAS at 5500'. That is with an IO-360, CS prop and wheel pants. There are you tube videos with similar...
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    Roomy high wing options?

    I am building a BD-4C, having test flown the company plane in 2019 before buying the kit. With an IO-360, C/S prop and wheel (not nose) pants, we were truing 165 KTAS at 5500', 80+ degrees with two of us and about 20 gals of fuel. They've put a nose gear fairing on since I flew it. Bede is...
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    Six Subaru Powered Airplanes

    Ross, Very even-handed and informative video, thank you for taking the time to put it together and release it. I noticed that the successful conversions you documented all seemed to have large radiators giving lots of cooling capacity, I wonder if that is a key ingredient for a successful auto...
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    Which mission to satisfy first?

    Hello Jerry, I took advantage of Bede's builder assist option and had them construct the frame, gear and bond the wing ribs to the spars and fit the skins. The standard kit comes with the vertical stab completed and the horizontal stab about 70% completed, it's skinned but you have to finish...
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    Which mission to satisfy first?

    I'm in the middle of building a BD-4C and would be happy to answer any questions you might have about the kit. Todd
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    Drill sizes

    David, I'm building a BD-4C which also uses blind rivets. I printed off a conversion chart for #bits and inch sizes. For most of my rivet holes I've wound up using the fraction bits with no real issue. The rivets are a bit tighter to get into some holes so for those I use the same inch size...
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    Side Hinged Rudders - Any Known Issues?

    Billski, Glad I could help you with your planning. I'm looking forward to seeing the pictures when you get the plane finished and flying. Todd
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    Side Hinged Rudders - Any Known Issues?

    I'm building a BD-4C kit and it has the rudder hinged on the right side only. Same design for over 50 years, so it works. The BD-4C plans call for curving the left side rudder leading edge skin at the front of the rudder to the right so at full deflection, the lip on the left skin is still...
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    Canadian aviation history

    Dan, A great find. I was aware of the plane but never saw this amount of footage. Another lost opportunity for the Canadian aviation industry. Todd