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    Complete ULF-1 Plans

    I'm looking (still) for a complete set of ULF-1 plans. If anyone has a set that they've decided they're not going to use, let me know.
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    NOT FOR SALE: Debreyer/Mangenot Vampyr plans

    It appears to be a tricycle gear, all-wood version of the Debreyer Pelican. I bought these from a forum member basically out of curiosity about the design. I paid 75.00 plus shipping. It turns out that they are available freely on the internet. I was ignorant and will not take advantage of...
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    Looking for ULF-1 Plans

    Apparently, the site for ordering plans is no longer "up", so if anyone has a set they'd like to part with, I'm interested. Must be complete and undamaged.
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    Hütter 17 and Hütter 28 plans for sale

    Both absolutely complete, highly detailed, all text in German, purchased new from the VSA. I'm never going to build them. H-17: $100 plus shipping H-28: $150 plus shipping
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    Books for sale! Strojnik, Pazmany, Horten and others

    Strojnik, complete set, mint condition - $85.00 shipped to the lower 48 Pazmany Landing Gear Design for Light Aircraft, mint condition - $100.00 shipped The Horten Brothers and Their All-Wing Aircraft by David Myhra - $45.00 shipped Nurflugel by Horten and Sellinger - $65.00 shipped Only the...
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    Wanted: ULF-1 Plans set

    Apparently, the German site to buy the plans is no longer up. If interested in partial trade, I have a complete Strojnik set in mint condition, as well as Pazmany's Landing gear design for Light Aircraft. All in mint condition.