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    Epoxy and Acetone

    Hi Guys, I was doing some reading around, and I found reference in another thread on a different site stating that using acetone with epoxy can increase the likely hood of becoming epoxy sensitive. The theory is that the acetone removes the oils from your skin, and make the chemicals able to...
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    Aerobatic Configurations

    Hey all, just tooling around with a few ideas, thinking about aerobatics plane. Nearly all aerobatics planes are biplanes, what about other planforms? What about a delta, or canard delta planform. You would be able to build a strong light structure with a relatively low wing loading. Another...
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    Im Back

    Hey all, well after 6 months with no internet, I finally have it again. Its funny how you miss it when you dont have it. For those who dont know me I have been working on my own helicopter design for the last couple of years, while I try to finanace the rest of my CPL (H). Good to see so many...
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    TIG Welders

    Hey Guys, Im thinking of buying a TIG to suppliment my old MIG. I was told that a TIG can be used as a light plasma torch, but have been unable to get any sort of conformation on it. Does anyone have experience with this? What is the proceedure to use the TIG in this way? Will a DC TIG do...
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    A-4 Sky Hawk

    This is a question more for orion, but anyone is welcome to comment. I read an article recently which was talking about the development of the A-4. What struck me particularly is that it was a fairly advanced design, and yet it came in on time, on budget, and did everything it was supposed to...
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    Rocket Planes

    Just wondering if anyone else is interested in these. Seeing that XCOR is flying a rocket powered Long EZ, Could this be the next type of air racing. I was talking about this with a few of my model rocket buddies, and doing some numbers and, neglecting the airframe for the minute, the rocket...
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    Blew a Apex seal

    Relax it was in my car. However I though I would share the experience. When I got the RX-7 I new the motor was a little tired, the comp was down a little, but that was only to be expected with the number of Ks on the clock. I must say that I have been hard on the engine, mainly out of...
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    Cockpit size

    Im just working some dimensions for my tandem rotorcraft. I have been basing my size on the Vans RV 4. Just wondering how others find this for size. Ive been making the cockpit on the larger size, but for drag reasons I want to reduce it a little. I dont know of anyone with a RV, so Im hoping...
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    Would you go VTOL if

    This is just a hypothetical question, which I thought may provide an interesting discussion. Lets assume that a VTOL aircrat existed (doesnt have to be a helo). GW 2000lbs 2 pax 1 pilot (3 up) Cruise 150mph (130knts) Enurance 2.5 hrs with .5 res Cost $35000 USD for the kit, for now assume...
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    Which plane?

    Well I guess part of life is changing circumstances. With my partner getting a job interstate, and me probably going to a different state Ive been thinking about getting a fixed wing. While I would love to do it in a helo, there isnt a cheap enough certified, nor a experimental which I trust...
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    HeliDev Rotorcraft Development

    Hey guys, just letting you know in the next few days Ill be changing my screen name to HeliDev, to bring it into line with my new business name. Yesterday I filed all the paper work, with an business description of rotorcraft development. I have been spending to much money on development...
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    Mech Eng Book

    Hey Guys Im after a book with some basic mech engineering stuff. I designing a scale prototype right now and have some working out to do. I need to get some knowledge of gearing for a start, tooth sizes ect.... If the same book also had info on working out materials strength, and load paths...
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    Structural Considerations

    Hey Guys, Im doing some cad work no on my fuse for my helo and came up with a couple of questions reguarding the use of composites. The way I see it I can do the fuse in one of three ways. 1) Monocoque 2) Chassis and panels 3) Combination of both If I go for the monocoque constructon...
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    2 engines 2 props?

    My helo desing is going to require a bit of power, in the order of 200hp. Ive been thinking that perhaps instead of using one 200hp+ engine, using 2 smaller ones. I know that there will be a weight peanalty, but there are some advantages as well, OEI performance for one. One thing I have been...
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    Excel For Calcs?

    Im in a heavy math part of my design right now, and Im finding doing all the calc by hand very time consuming. What Im after is a method of just being able input the data and change teh variables as required. Ive had amthcad recomended to me, hawever this is far beyond my price range at...
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    Electric power

    Hey guys, just been doing some thinking about some design things and would like to hear some opinions. This isnt really that developed, jut a thought. What I was thinking was using an APU like a T-62 powering 1 or 2 100hp electric motors. No battery storage, just the power from the APU powering...
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    Bought a Rotary

    Well I bought an RX 7 about a month ago, and I love it.:ban: I am looking at putting one in my design, and knowing next to nothing about them, I figured it would be a good idea to see what they are like. My car has a stock 12a, and goes like a rocket. The first thing you will notice about a...
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    Jet A1 in a Rotary

    Just doing some thinking out loud. Does anyone think it would be possible to modify a rotary to run on heavy fuels. Asuming you could get the compression high enough, change the spark plugs to glow plugs, what other considerations would be nesseccary?
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    Direct Drive Fans

    This quetion is maninly to orion, however anyone else feel free to post. In the thread on re-drives in the auto conversion section of the forum, orion mentioned that a 40 inch fan, without ducts or shrouds would make a good cantidate for an aircraft without a re-drive. Could you expand on...
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    Different composites.

    I was wondering if anyone has used anything other than fiberglass in their composite construction. For example carbon fibre, carbon kevlar, ect.... Would the greatre strength of these materials offset some of the costs by needing less materials? Would it add any extra complexity? Would very...